Why choose Address Sky View?

Imagine looking floating in the clouds while looking down at the breathtaking beauty of a city like Dubai. Imagine looking at the millions of lights like fireflies fluttering out from a city that comes alive at night.

You don’t have to go paragliding for this experience. You can experience this amazing experience if you book a room at one of the iconic hotels of Dubai– Address Sky View!

Address Sky View is a panoramic city views from a skyscraper. It consists of two towers that are joined together by a marvelous ‘sky bridge.’ The hotel is located at the heart of Dubai, where most life happens, and entertainment is high.

The Address Sky View hotel offers you many ranges of rooms, suits, and apartments to suit your budget and choice. The hotel is the most luxurious and high-end place I have ever stayed. The designs of the rooms are elegant, comfortable, and sophisticated. Add that to the breathtaking view of Dubai and the seas beyond, and the experience is priceless.

There is an infinity swimming pool to help relieve the heat and a restaurant with the finest cuisine imaginable. In addition to good food, they also have the most technologically advanced gyms and spas.

The service at Address Sky View is so excellent that you can have anything from breakfast in bed to watching movies in your own cinema.

Food at Address Sky View

The hotel has not one but many restaurants that specialize in different cuisine. You can dine Japanese at the Amelia restaurant, which features a retro and Peruvian. It specializes in very diverse and flamboyant flavors.

If you are feeling childish, carefree and nostalgic, then head to Lucia’s restaurant for an exquisite menu. The food at Lucia’s is both classic and amazingly different. You can enjoy your food with some good music, sing and dance in the meantime.

There is also a contemporary Asian dining place where you can order all the spices and Asian-inspired curries. There is a patisserie for fresh cakes and bakes to enjoy your evening tea with.

Swimming pools at Address Sky View.

The pool lounge at Address Sky View is massive. They also have an infinity pool that makes you feel like you are swimming in the air. The pool lounge is perfectly safe for kids as it goes from shallow to deep gradually. If you want to have a swim by yourself, there is also a professional babysitting service for kids.

Spa and fitness at Address Sky View

The gyms at Address Sky View hold the latest state-of-art technology to keep you fit and having fun. They also have the best spa and wellness center to help you relax on your holiday. There are oil massages, beauty enhancement treatments, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, and many more indulgences.

Corporate events at Address Sky View

The hotel has the most magnificent ballrooms, conference rooms, and board rooms to ensure the most secure, private, and elite experience for your business meet-ups. They also have some beautiful halls for a charming wedding celebration.

Rooms at Address Sky View

There are many suites, rooms, and apartments to choose from. They also have residential apartments there sold to the most elite people in the world. The best part about these rooms, apart from the luxury and service, is the view. If you get a room high enough, you are living in the skies. Visit their site to book the most suitable rooms for you. There are special offers going on.


Yes, all these special features and facilities mentioned above do not come cheap. And Address Sky View is meant for the wealthy of society, but the service and quality are unbeatable. A stay at Address Sky View room during your vacation in Dubai is enough to make your entire holiday a memorable experience.

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