Are Emiratis friendly? We have described in our previous articles who Emiratis are and what their culture is like. So in this article, we will specifically refer to the traits and their characteristics. Simply we are going to answer the question, Are Emiratis friendly?

Are Emiratis friendly?
Are Emiratis friendly?

The seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates are marked in many places by the confluence of Arabian, Islamic, and Persian civilizations. The UAE’s lifestyle, cuisine, customs, dancing, music, and many other facets of its culture all reflect the vast cultural diversity of the nation. Since Emirati culture differs greatly from Western counterparts in many ways, visitors to any Emirate should be aware of a few small gestures to make in daily life. This is a thorough introduction to Emirati conduct and customs in the UAE.


Are Emiratis Friendly?

Ramadan is the most religious month of the Islamic calendar, and it holds great significance for Emiratis and other Muslim cultures in the United Arab Emirates. Every day of Ramadan, from sunrise to dusk, Muslims fast. The timing of this event rotates according to the lunar calendar. However, it’s crucial to be aware that during Ramadan in the UAE, eating, drinking, smoking, or even chewing gum in public is inappropriate. According to the laws, it is illegal in the nation and incredibly disrespectful to those who are fasting.

Are Emiratis friendly?
Are Emiratis friendly?

Greetings and visiting a residence in the UAE

One of the most important things to remember is that because Emiratis are so warm and welcoming, they frequently greet new acquaintances with heartfelt greetings that include thanks to God and hugs and kisses. Guys frequently greet each other in this manner. Never try to embrace or touch an Emirati woman before she extends her hand, and never try to shake her hand.
The UAE’s residents are generally amicable. When they have visitors, they always greet them with coffee and occasionally even a date. It’s polite to accept coffee, and it’s also polite to wave your cup back and forth after you’ve had enough. Refusing food or coffee could be viewed as rude. Before entering an Emirati home, removing your shoes and showing appreciation for any food provided is important. In addition, guests should shake hosts’ hands before entering and leaving their homes.

Using Appropriate Body Language

Are Emiratis friendly?
Are Emiratis friendly?

A foreigner’s body language can make or break their relationship with an Emirati native. There are a few minor details to remember when speaking with Emiratis. For instance, it is customary to stand whenever someone enters the room unless it is a staff member. Additionally, the locals consider it to be extremely disrespectful to sit with one’s feet toward them. Serving food with the left hand is inappropriate, and public displays of affection are against the law.

Putting On Proper Clothes

Visitors should keep a few dressing considerations in mind when visiting the UAE. Unless they are tourists on a desert safari or another location that welcomes them to try one of the nation’s traditional attire, it is considered impolite for Western men to wear Emirati national dress. Women should be cautious about what they wear as well. Even though some Emirates have more lax dress codes than others, women should avoid looking indecent when entering an Emirate home.

Observing the Dietary Preferences

Given how good it is, tourists should take the time to sample some delicious Emirati cuisine. People in the UAE enjoy eating and frequently thank God before and after meals. Some of the most well-liked sweets among Emiratis are dates and camel milk. It’s important to keep in mind that locals don’t drink, so if you’re going out to dinner with an Emirati friend, it’s preferable to select a venue without alcohol. Additionally, never serve pork to locals or Muslims because doing so is against their faith.

respecting the local families

The family is one of life’s most important aspects for Muslims, especially for Emiratis. The UAE population is very close to their families. Their grandparents, uncles, cousins, and other extended family members, in addition to their immediate family. They frequently reside close to one another in the same residential neighborhood or nearby. Given how closely knit the local families are, showing respect for them is crucial.

Using Caution When Behaving in Public

In the UAE, a few public actions are extremely taboo; in some circumstances, they are forbidden outright. Since no one drinks in the UAE, being intoxicated and rowdy is strictly forbidden and could lead to arrest. Additionally, open displays of devotion are somewhat insulting to Emirati culture.
Another factor for travelers is what to photograph. Photographing women is not allowed in military or governmental structures. When done with Emirati women, seemingly insignificant things common in Western culture can be extremely upsetting. An Emirati woman may not be photographed under any circumstances. Additionally, it is quite offensive to stare at a traditionally dressed woman. Even though visitors might unintentionally or out of curiosity be doing it, it is not appropriate to do it at all. Since making unwanted physical contact with Emirati women is frowned upon, even talking to them is improper.

Music And Dance

As a visitor, you should respect this final practice rather than be wary of it. The joy and excitement of Emirati music and dancing are sure to delight visitors. They can see it on desert safaris or while visiting the UAE over the national holidays. Emirati music has its roots in the time of the Bedouins and was once popular among pearl divers in addition to camel herders and stage performers.
According to some ex-pats, other notable examples of culture shock in the UAE include that time isn’t strictly observed, especially between friends. People may arrive for appointments before the scheduled time or stay later than expected at work.

For many foreigners, the summertime climate and sand/dust storms can be extremely difficult to adjust. Your husband, brother, father, or male companion may be addressed by taxi drivers, restaurant servers, and store clerks instead of you. Due to their closed culture and relative rarity compared to expats, it can be challenging for foreigners to make friends with Emiratis. Some expats assert that making friends with an Emirati of the opposite gender can be even more difficult.


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