Are Watches Cheap in Dubai? Dubai is well-known for being a great place to shop, offering many items, including expensive watches. While it’s true that Dubai may offer competitive prices for some goods because of things like tax exemptions and import policies, whether watches are less expensive in Dubai compared to other places, vary depending on several factors, including the currency exchange rate, tax and duty policies, the availability of demand, negotiation, and the competitive prices offered by the market. It is well known as a location where various expensive watches are sold due to its upscale status. But are watches less expensive in Dubai than they are elsewhere?


Are Watches Cheap in Dubai?

Are Watches Cheap in Dubai?
Are Watches Cheap in Dubai?

The price without taxes is comparable to the rest of the international prices as you travel deeper into the city. Let’s investigate the causes of Dubai’s lower prices for watches. You can find some of these expensive watches for a significant discount at some of Dubai’s unofficial watch stores, occasionally up to 25% off. This is so they can purchase many watches from a wholesaler. Thanks to the city’s high demand and wealth, retailers can sell their pricey watches for less. This explains why Dubai is an exception and can offer these large luxury items for less than other cities or nations worldwide, where people have less money to spend. 

How to Get a Cheap Watch in Dubai

Are Watches Cheap in Dubai?
Are Watches Cheap in Dubai?

You cannot simply purchase a cheap watch anywhere, at any time. You can only get the right deal if you go to the right place. Dubai has some excellent watch-buying locations. Buying your watch from Dubai will give it a luxurious status and the potential to add beautiful narrative elements. Traders purchase large quantities from their wholesalers due to the high demand and wealth. This makes it possible to sell pricey watches for less. Knowing this, purchasing a luxury watch from the first dealer you encounter in Dubai is no longer practical.

What is the Price Determinants of Dubai Watches?

  1. Currency exchange rates
  2. Availability 
  3. Demand
  4. Tax and duty policies
  5. Negotiation and bargaining

Exchange Rates for Currencies

The perceived affordability of watches in Dubai can vary depending on how strong your home currency is compared to the Emirati Dirham (AED). For foreign buyers, exchange rate fluctuations can make watches appear more affordable or expensive.

Are Watches Cheap in Dubai?
Are Watches Cheap in Dubai?

Offerings and Demand

Due to its status as a center for luxury shopping, Dubai has a thriving market for high-end products, including watches. As a result, Dubai offers a large selection of watch brands and models. Pricing may be competitive as a result of retailer competition. Specific watch model popularity and demand, however, can also affect prices.

Tax and Duty Policies

Dubai is tax-free, so most goods are not subject to sales or value-added taxes (VAT). Comparing this to areas with higher tax rates may result in lower watch prices. However, the customs fees and taxes you may have to pay when traveling back to your country of origin must be taken into account because they could cancel out any initial savings.

Are Watches Cheap in Dubai?
Are Watches Cheap in Dubai?

Even though VAT varies from nation to nation, it is extremely advantageous in Dubai. Although Dubai’s VAT rate is as low as 0.05 percent, you might still have to pay duty when you return to your home country. These are a percentage based on the overall cost of the goods purchased abroad. Import fees can differ not only between nations but also between products. For instance, shoe prices can be as high as 17%, while telephone extensions can be 0%. Most nations have import duties that range from 0% to 18% for jewelry items like watches.

Negotiation and Bargaining

In certain markets in Dubai, such as the gold and electronics industries, haggling and negotiating are standard practices. You can haggle on prices, even though it may not be possible with all-watch retailers, particularly in some souks or markets.

Best places to buy watches in Dubai

Are Watches Cheap in Dubai?
Are Watches Cheap in Dubai?

Are Watches Cheap in Dubai? It depends on where you purchase your new luxury timepiece, even though watches are slightly less expensive in Dubai. In Dubai, many locations are known for their expensive yet affordable watches. In addition to well-known stores, there are also flea markets. Consider the price, quality, experience, and service they are willing to offer if you want to know the best places to buy luxury watches in Dubai. You can try the following locations to see if you can get a good deal. 

The Mall in Dubai

One of the most well-known shopping centers in Dubai is the Dubai Mall. This mall has over 1200 retail establishments with various branded goods. Luxury watch sales are frequent there because of the high volume of visitors each year and the high spending power of the customers, giving businesses a chance to offer their goods at slightly reduced costs.

Luxury Souq

Luxury Souq is a well-known watch store with a long history in Dubai. We provide more than 50 high-end watch brands. It makes our list of the top watch shops in Dubai thanks to its wide selection, excellent customer service, and positive reviews.

Royal watches

Another well-known watch retailer in Dubai is called Royal Watches. They provide well-known brands like Breitling, Oris, and Hublot at the lowest costs. The company deals in genuine high-end luxury goods at reasonable prices.

Timepiece 360

Timepiece 360 is a watch shop specializing in previously owned luxury timepieces in the UAE and the rest of the region. They won’t disappoint you when purchasing your new luxury watch because of their excellent service and knowledgeable staff.

Second-Hand Stores for Cheap Watches in Dubai

Considering everything, second-hand shops are the cheapest and offer the best prices. But because the watches aren’t brand new anymore, these shops can also be the worst offenders. For this reason, we endorse the shops we previously mentioned. We consider them the top locations to purchase a luxury watch in Dubai because of their outstanding service, competitive prices, a wealth of knowledge, and excellent teams of experts.

Are Watches Cheap in Dubai?
Are Watches Cheap in Dubai?

Are Watches Cheap in Dubai?

In conclusion, watches cost less in Dubai, but the cost of your new timepiece depends on various factors. Currency exchange rates, buying locations, duty rates, and VAT rates must all be considered. Due to these factors, purchasing watches from Dubai will be relatively inexpensive compared to doing so domestically. Therefore, we recommend something other than traveling to Dubai to purchase your first luxury timepiece. Nevertheless, based on your nation, it ought to be a little less expensive.

Are Watches Cheap in Dubai?
Are Watches Cheap in Dubai?

So, Are Watches Cheap in Dubai? Before purchasing a watch from another country, check the import taxes and VAT. It should fit the story of your luxury timepiece to purchase your first or only luxury watch from such a stunning location, and you can save some money.


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