Armani Hotel Dubai is located in the Burj Khalifa skyscraper which is the tallest building in the world. The hotel is one of the most luxurious and exclusive hotels in the world. Everything in the hotel boasts of luxury and wealth from the carpets to tea towels. Armani Hotel Dubai is one of the most high-end hotels you have ever seen.


What makes the Armani Hotel Dubai so incredible?

The hotel consists of a mere 160 rooms, but all of them are sleek, sophisticated, and luxurious with the best quality facilities possible. The 160 rooms are impeccable in style, design, structure, and colors. It makes use of the natural lighting from the skyscraper to illuminate the rooms and create a sense of calm serenity and elegance.

Armani Hotel Dubai has a world-class spa, the best possible restaurants, and an endless list of amenities and perks.

One of the best things about the hotel is that it’s situated in the world’s tallest building. When you are a guest at Armani Hotel Dubai, the whole world is at your feet.

Armani Hotel Dubai is situated in the heart of Dubai, at the best possible location for a tourist. You will have direct access to the Dubai mall which is the second-largest shopping mall in the world. Being so conveniently close to one of the biggest tourist attractions of Dubai is definitely a big bonus.

The Armani Hotel Dubai is surrounded by an artificial lake that you can access at any time and the world’s largest choreographed fountain system, which shoots water up to 500ft.

The best part of the hotel is the incomparable view. While you can enjoy looking at the artificial lake around and the fountain system, there is also the whole of Dubai to spy on as well as the endless blue sky. If you stand close to one of the windows of the Armani Hotel Dubai, you are living in the skies.

The Armani Hotel Dubai is branded. It is the home base of the famous fashion designer Giorgio Armani. Did you know that Armani personally oversaw everything about the hotel from its design to fabrics and the flooring? So every room is a piece of art, and every curtain is couture. Overall, it has a palette of dark grey and neutrals creating a chic and serene atmosphere.

The lobby of the hotel is just magnificent, leaving you feeling awed and speechless. It also features stores that sell some of the most exquisite Armani products.

Rooms in Armani Hotel Dubai feature floor-to-ceiling windows that enhance the view. It consists of the most state-of-art technology and facilities with smart lighting systems. The bathroom has a massive rain shower and delicious soaps. And the minibar has many complimentary drinks.

The Armani Hotel Dubai features one of the best restaurants in the world with the best quality food you have ever eaten. Restaurants include the Armani Ristorante which is the elite place for fine dining and serves some of the most expensive and finest wines in the world. This place is for a formal dinner with your date.

The Armani Mediterraneo is more casual and open. It has buffet dining all day. The breakfast buffet is lavish, very well-presented, and delicious of course.

Armani Hashi is a Japanese restaurant that serves authentic Japanese cuisine. Every sushi here is a piece of art with the freshest fish available. And Armani Amal is a restaurant that serves the exotic spice and flavor of Indian food. And lastly, Armani Deli is a restaurant of Armani Hotel Dubai that serves Italian gourmet meals.

The spa offers some of the best therapies and services in the world. They are gender segregated and have thermal saunas, steam rooms, beauty treatments, and everything else you would want.

What makes this hotel so special is that every guest is assigned their own Lifestyle Manager who will manage everything you want to do from arranging babysitting to booking your tours around Dubai. The staff is young, well-trained, and warm, making the luxuriousness of the hotel a true reality instead of a hotel that’s just expensive.

Would you choose Armani Hotel Dubai?

Everyone loves luxury, but luxury comes with a price. Yes, as you may expect the Armani Hotel Dubai is not cheap. The minimum a room will cost you is $600 USD per night in addition to spa charges, restaurant meals, and every other expense. There are suites that cost many times this amount.

The best time to visit Dubai as any travel agent will tell you is in winter, from November to March. If you visit during the summer, Dubai is very hot and scorching and you will hardly be able to spend time at the beach or enjoy any recreational activities. But this would also mean that staying at the Armani Hotel Dubai in summer is very cheap compared to the high season.

In conclusion

The Armani Hotel Dubai is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world situated at the world’s tallest building. It’s very expensive but offers some of the best services, food, and facilities for the money they charge. If you can afford it, then Armani Hotel Dubai is one of the best hotels to try out on your vacation.

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