Burj Al Arab is a luxury, seven-star hotel located in the world-renowned city of Dubai. The name gives the meaning as “tower of Arabs.” It is one of the tallest hotels in the world. This is an iconic landmark in the world. This is said to be a global icon of Arabian luxury.

This luxury hotel is located on an artificial island by Jumeirah beach. The proprietors own the island as well. The hotel’s shape or look resembles a ship’s sail. Also, this hotel has a helipad on top. This hotel has held the stand for almost two decades now. At a height of 321 meters, Burj Al Arab gives the guests a splendid view of the Arabian Gulf. This luxurious space has 56 floors, 18 elevators, and 202 rooms.

Burj Al Arab


Rooms and Suites

With the expensive environment, the Burj Al Arab will give you an unforgettable stay.

Deluxe Marina Suite

Enjoy your luxury with fantastic sea views. This is a two-story, one-bedroom suite designed with a marvel to give you ultimate comfort and a wonderful stay.

170 sqm in space, this room features a spacious living room with a guest powder room on the ground floor, while the bedroom and the bathroom are on the first floor to give you a marvelous view outside.

The bathroom has a jacuzzi and a head shower.

Most facilities like curtains, tv, music, and lights are controlled with a remote. You can request a MacBook and a printer if you are in need.

You will be given access to the spa, terrace, and private beach to enjoy your stay.

This room accommodates three adults or two adults and two children below 11 years old.

Deluxe Palm Suite

Enjoy the iconic view of palm Jumeirah while you feel the comfort of your space. This room also facilitates you to enjoy all the luxuries in the above suite. Apart from those, you can choose the best type of pillow for you among the nine options provided by them.

The room size and the setup are also similar to the others, and the occupancy is also the same.

Sky Marina Suite

These rooms give you an endless view of the beautiful ocean. There is no difference in the services and amenities from the above suite. The view will be spectacular here.

Sky Palm Suite

With the panoramic views of Dubai marina and the palm Jumeirah, this room makes your stay more memorable. The services and the other facilities remain the same as in the other suites.

Panoramic Suite

This luxurious suite offers you sweeping views of Dubai and the ocean. The views, range, and change for each type of room at the Burj Al Arab while the other facilities remain the same. These views are what make your stay memorable.

Club Suite

This suite is designed specifically for hosting purposes. You have an in-room private bar and a snooker table of your own. There a plenty of space in his room to have a scenic view. This room is 330 sqm, and the occupancy and other facilities are the same.

Burj Two Bedrooms Family Suite

This spacious luxury space is ideal for you to enjoy with your family. It has a private kitchen space and a space for in-room dining. This has a separate guest bedroom too.

This space of 335 sqm can occupy five adults and kids, not exceeding the number of six personals.

Deluxe Two Bedroom Suite

With the stunning oceanic view, this room facilitates you to enjoy all the luxuries in the other suites.

Burj Three Bedroom Family Suite

This is ideal for families with large groups. This room has three spacious bedrooms with three separate living spaces. It also has a dining room and a private bar. The maximum number of this room can occupy eight guests.

Diplomatic Three Bedroom Suite

These luxurious rooms are located on the ground floor with easy access to the pool, garden, and other amenities directly from the private terrace. The accommodation cannot exceed eight people, and other facilities remain the same.

Burj Al Arab

What Wonderful Experiences Can You Enjoy Here?

The Burj Al Arab Terrace 

This is a one-of-a-kind space with a restaurant, pool, beach, and cabana. There are two pools, fresh water, and salt water, for you to enjoy. There are also four jacuzzis, 126 beach sunbeds, and 24 luxury day beds.

Tour Inside Burj Al Arab

You can enjoy a range of tours and packages within the Burj Al Arab. You can go for a sunset tour, a royal guided tour, and many others.

Ride in the Car of Your Dreams

You can ride in your dream cars, such as Rolls Royce, BMW, or Mercedes. There is a range of supercars as well. You can rent one of them during your stay.

Yacht Charter

Discover the Arabian gulf with your private yacht. It has a spa facility, a spacious cabin, and a team of expert hospitality.

Moreover, there is a team with Chef and butler to assist you with the requirements. You can enjoy a grand meal and anchor the yacht for a dive in the marina.

Kids Club

During your stay, you can get access to their kid’s club. They have a wide range of activities for the kids, and there will be trained staff for assistance.

Events and Other

You can plan your special events at this luxurious hotel to get a world-class experience and an excellent memory.

Burj Al Arab


With the varied type of restaurants, Burj Al Arab will treat you well with their flavorful meals.

There are seven types of restaurants and a bar.


There is no doubt that this hotel will give you an exceptional experience for a lifetime. If you are looking for a place to enjoy a classic shopping experience, visit Dubai Mall, the most significant shopping experience in the world.


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