Can I Go to Qatar from Dubai by Road? Yes, it is possible to travel from Dubai to Qatar via road. That is one of the convenient travel modes as well. Of course, only if you are someone who loves to travel long distances by road. Traveling from Dubai to Qatar via road is also one of the cheapest options in considering costs. We know that Qatar is a neighboring country to Dubai. It is adventurous to travel by road transportation.

from dubai to qatar


What is the distance between Dubai and Qatar?

The distance between Dubai to Qatar is 690 km. That is about 430 miles. It takes about 7 hours if you are traveling continuously. Time may vary according to the stops you take.

You can travel in your vehicle or a rented vehicle. Also, there is public transportation available. Train and bus services are there to travel from Dubai to Qatar. Continuous travel for a long distance will be tiresome. Either it is a drive-through or public transport. So you find many rest areas and food points along your way.

What are the necessary documents to travel from Dubai to Qatar?

First and foremost, you need to get a Qatar visa from the relevant authority. Visit the relevant office and fill out the form and get it done. Then make sure your vehicle and driving licenses are up to date. That is all you need to check before you start.

Things to consider before you travel

Specific things to note before you start driving from Dubai to Qatar. You can face poor visibility because of extreme weather and dust storms. That can be dangerous, and you must be cautious about your driving.

Moreover, roads may become slick after a rain. Also, there could be flash flooding. Also, drifting sands make your driving harder, which is a point to consider while traveling along rural areas.

Also, make sure to obey traffic rules and regulations while driving safely, protecting yourself and others.

from dubai to qatar

Border checking

You will first reach the Saudi border, and there you will go through a passport and immigration, customs, and then you need to obtain a car insurance policy for Saudi. You will be inside Saudi Arabia, and the insurance will be valid for a week. The insurance cost may differ from time to time.

Then you enter Qatar, and you can obtain insurance coverage for like two weeks or a minimal period. This can be done at the border checking. You will also be taken through a process like the previous border. So, you don’t want to arrange the insurance coverage before you leave Dubai.

What is the advantage of traveling by road?

There is nothing like an advantage or benefit to mention. Choosing to travel these ways is solely a personal choice and also for an adventurous experience. One can opt for this mode at least once in their lifetime or never take this risk.

Anyways, traveling along the coast of the gulf will give you an exotic experience.

What disadvantages could be there when you travel from Dubai to Qatar via road?

Though taking this travel mode sounds fun, it has its negative side too. Anyhow the travel time is going to be more than ten hours. That is quite a long journey on the road. The weather will affect your travel when you choose the wrong season.

Also, our travel vehicle may face any breakups or issues during the journey. You need to be prepared for that. Sometimes certain things can be fixed on our own. But at times, we need assistance, and if we are in an area where there are no people around, it will be hard for us.

And also, you will be coming across issues like food, toilets, baggage, roadworks, and others.

Can I Go to Qatar from Dubai by Road


Plan your road trip from Dubai to Qatar, considering the key points. Especially the weather and road maintenance. Though traveling by road costs you half the rate of air travel, the risks and difficulties involved are higher. Travel with a few travel partners or vehicles for your company. Enjoy your trip!

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