Can you drink alcohol in Dubai? You may drink alcohol in Dubai under certain conditions. It is not allowed to be in public places and roads being drunken. That will be a punishable offense according to the country’s law. UAE residents can drink at their homes and licensed places. Since Dubai is a central tourist attraction, it allows tourists and non-Muslim residents or expats to consume alcohol.

Sometimes it is hard to find your favorite drink easily in Dubai as only the licensed venues sell them. But, of course, there are bars, hotel lounges and clubs. Sometimes the drinks there may be out of your budget.

Anyways, if someone tells you that they found alcohol on sale in a supermarket, ask them to look closer. It will probably be beer with zero percentage of alcohol.



Where can a tourist drink alcohol in Dubai?

Tourists are permitted to drink in places like restaurants, hotels, clubs, and bars attached to licensed hotels. As a tourist, you need to prove yourself with your passport to purchase your drink.

Can you drink in public places?

That is a big NO! Drinking in public places, streets, malls, and beaches is prohibited in Dubai, and that is a punishable offense. Unlike some countries, Dubai is strict with its laws and regulations.

What is the minimum age to drink in Dubai?

The minimum age that is considered legal is 21 years. The ID card will be checked, and anyone who sells to someone below this age will be punished.

Can we bring Duty-free alcoholic drinks to Dubai?

You may bring four liters of drinks and consume them privately in your residence or holiday accommodation.

can you drink alcohol in dubai

What is an alcohol license?

It is a license issued by the UAE government authorities making residents and ex-pats able to purchase drinks. But a few years ago, the government announced this license isn’t necessary for the residents and ex-pats.

Even foreigners were urged to purchase this license, and now with the proof of their passports, they can buy alcohol at licensed places.

Is alcohol cheap in Dubai?

The answer to this may be confusing. Alcoholic drinks are costly with high tax rates, so your friends ask you to pile them up with duty-free alcoholic drinks.

Where are the best places to go for a good drink?

  • Around Dubai marina
  • Around downtown Dubai
  • Rooftop restaurants and clubs in Dubai

Things to know on this topic

  • Dubai has zero tolerance for drink-and-drive cases.
  • Drink prices are comparatively high.
  • Special rules and regulations are implemented during the month of Ramadhan.
  • Not all hotels serve drinks. There are plenty of places such as ‘dry hotels.’ Make your inquiries before making your bookings.



The answer to the most answered questions is given in this writing. So, plan your trip accordingly if you need to enjoy a shot of booze. Please abide by the rules and laws of the country to avoid unnecessary problems during your visit. Chill out and have a happy holiday!

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