Can you drink tap water in Dubai? Or, in other words, is the tap water in Dubai safe to drink? Well, let’s find out all the points regarding Dubai tap water. Simply today, we are going to write a water article. So read carefully before getting soaked. 

In the last few decades, Dubai accomplished its journey as one of the world’s best cities with high living standards. This modest country has a minimal amount of water. It rains only ten days per year. It has no rivers. And as it is surrounded by salty ocean water, 90% of its groundwater is also salty. So there must be a way how to find water. 


From where does the freshwater comes in Dubai and UAE?

This is incredible. Will you believe that if I said that Dubai makes water from ocean water? I know you won’t. 99% of the water they have is salty. So, there needs to be more water for consumption. As this was a massive crisis, they decided on a way to convert fresh water from seawater. As a result, they decided to desalinate the salt water. This desalinated water is coming as the water in taps. 

Process of Desalination of water in UAE

Simply it is the process of removing salt from seawater. Here they have made desalination plants where that contain massive filters. 

So let me describe the step-by-step process of making tap water from salt water. 

Ocean water is first pumped into the Dubai Aluminum factory (DUBAL) to cool the Aluminum smelters. After the water is brought to Dubai Electric and Water Authority (DEWA). In DEWA, the pumped water is Desalinated, and at the same time, power is also generated. There are many filters for the desalination process. And the water is pumped to these filters with high pressure.

The tendency to get desalinated water contaminated

It is doubtful that the ground would contaminate the water in Dubai because the entire city is covered in sand. Water tanks and leaching pipes are the only likely familiar sources of contaminants.

Can you drink tap water in Dubai?

The quality of Dubai tap water is of a high standard. So the answer is. Yes, you can. But many tourists need to see that tap water is safe to drink directly. So, these tourists prefer boiled water. 

But they see no offense in using tap water for washing and other cleaning purposes. tap water

We commonly know that things like rubble and rubbish produce bacteria like Legionella. Also, it is a fact the water is getting contaminated through uncleaned pipes. Once, a water treatment service provider officer told me they use biodegradable biocide disinfectant to remove harmful residues left in pipes. Still, don’t you believe that the answer is yes to the question, “Can you drink tap water in Dubai?”

Dubai has taken many awareness steps to encourage people to drink tap water. This means the authorities certify that the water is 100% safe to drink directly from taps. The myths may be the reason for not getting people involved in drinking tap water.

Myths on Dubai tap water

  • Frequent hair loss and dry skin.

This was a huge problem even for me in high school. 

The reason may be the contaminated water from the taps. But finally, the reason for the hair loss was Vitamin B deficiency and mental stress. Also, the doctor told me that he had found no relationship between tap water and illnesses. 

Also, he suggested using a shower filter if there is any doubt about water. 

  • Tap water tastes terrible.

Can you drink tap water in DubaiEven I got that unpleasant taste in tap water. The reason for this taste is contamination. But after finding facts on it, I realized that the reason for the unpleasant taste is no other than the chlorine added in purification. 


  • Temperature Devalues water.

Another famous myth about tap water is that high temperatures lose water quality. The taps are exposed to high temperatures in Dubai. So, it is expected that the water coming is becoming in high temperature. This is not an excuse to refuse tap water. If it is hot, you can put some ice cubes before drinking. Or else you can use a filter with an automatic cooling system.

Other ways of collecting fresh water in Dubai

And there is another exciting way called “cloud seeding.” This way, the water is collected in a large artificial reservoir through artificial rain. Most of the natives collect the water needed for crops and animal vegetation in this way. It is said that artificial rain was created daily in 2017 due to a lack of water and high temperature.

They sent planes to the clouds and released salt in the air. You know they have a lot of it. Because of the salt, the clouds grow bigger and bigger, and eventually, they rain fresh water into the country. This is called cloud seeding, and when that water falls to the ground, they catch all the rainwater they collect here by building a vast dam, and this freshwater keeps the people alive.

I don’t think people recognize the fact that this water is freshwater enough. They caught the rainwater in the middle of a dam before reaching the ocean, where it would have gotten salty. Most importantly, you can drink this water from desalination to cloud seeding to dam building to well building humans are doing the impossible to find water.

Can you drink tap water in Dubai

Finally, I insist on the yes answer to the question “Can you drink tap water in Dubai” not just as a native. But also, as a chemical scientist. Just avoid getting caught in myths. Be yourself and trust yourself. If we give the best, the others will try to give at least good in return. Take the good news that Dubai tap water is suitable for direct global consumption. So be healthy and stay fit.

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