Can you eat pork in Dubai? Yes, you can. Dubai’s regulations concerning pork are mostly concerned with the religion of Islam. Pork is haram for Muslims, but if you are a non-Muslim living in Dubai or a tourist there, there are no regulations on what you should or should not eat.


Can you eat pork in Dubai? Why?

Yes, Dubai is a Muslim country. And pork is haram for Muslims. But there are no religious police around to check if you really follow the regulations of Islam or not. It’s basically a personal choice of each Muslim or non-Muslim to choose what to eat and what not to.

You can find pork available in most of the leading supermarkets in Dubai, like Al Maya supermarket, Choithrams, Baqer Mohebi Supermarket, and Philippine Supermarket. But pork is not common in every supermarket. In Dubai, you need a license to sell pork.
It is the same with restaurants and hotels in Dubai. You will not find pork on the menu of most restaurants, with the exception of a few. This is because you need a license to serve pork to non-Muslims. Let me explain why.

According to the law of Islam, a utensil, spoon, or anything that has touched the saliva, mucus, or meat of a pig is considered impure. For example, if a person eats pork on a plate, a Muslim cannot use the same plate to eat his food because it has been tainted by the elements of a pig. The plate cannot be used by a Muslim unless he goes through some process to have it cleaned.

So all restaurants or supermarkets cannot serve or sell pork due to the danger of contamination. A supermarket must have a completely separate section for storing and displaying pork, and restaurants must use completely different utensils and cutlery for cooking and serving pork.

Other than these licensed restaurants, your only other option to eat pork in Dubai would be to buy it at a supermarket and cook it at home.

Can you eat pork in Dubai? Why Not?

The answer remains that you can eat pork in Dubai. Yet, it is a Muslim country, and it is important to be cautious and respect the rules of the country. Dubai is a country that is highly tolerant of other religions and cultures, but it’s best not to misuse this.

Don’t expect pork in street food and roadside shops. Never ever serve pork to a Muslim in Dubai. A non-Muslim can eat pork if they wish, but serving or offering food with pork to a Muslim would be considered highly offensive, even treacherous. If you must eat pork, then keep it within the four walls of your house as much as possible so as not to offend the sentiments of Muslims around. Keep in mind that pork is haram (forbidden) to Muslims, and most practicing Muslims would not touch pork under any circumstance.

Can you eat pork in Dubai? Summary

Yes, you can eat pork in Dubai, but only at home or in licensed restaurants. Restaurants and hotels that serve pork are rare. But you can find pork available in most of the leading supermarkets of Dubai in a separate section marked ‘Non-Muslims only.’ You can purchase all types of pork cuts from these supermarkets and cook them at home.

But be cautious never to serve or offer pork to a Muslim friend in Dubai as pork is haram for them, and it would be considered very offensive. While Dubai is a very tolerant country that welcomes all religions and cultures, it is also wise not to take advantage of these allowances and be insensitive to their sentiments.

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