Can you hold hands in Dubai?

Dubai is a popular tourist destination attracting millions of visitors each year. Since it is an Islamic country, it has some rules and laws that differ from others. In that case, PDA (public display of affection) is a punishable offense there. This can even lead to being jailed for up to five years.

Since there’s this topic, people have doubts before they plan their journey to this beautiful country. So, we thought to write our personal experience and let you know how it feels.

public display of affection

Public display of affection (PDA) doesn’t include only holding hands. It can include kissing and showing other sexual affection too. Therefore, when it comes to holding hands is the simplest or the minor form of showing affection. Holding hands in Dubai is allowed for couples, especially married couples. You can see couples holding hands on the streets while walking. But you should ensure that your act doesn’t affect the local public of Dubai and its culture. Holding hands with your legal partner can be the top form of showing affection in public.

Can you kiss in Dubai?

Kissing in public places is an offense where you could be fined or imprisoned. So be mindful of it, and we know that many tourists have already faced the consequences. Kissing in public places will never be accepted in Dubai.

Can you hug in Dubai?

public display of affection

The answer for this also will be ‘no,’ whereas showing PDA is entirely against the country’s rule.

Do men hold hands?

Sometimes we happen to see this during a walk. This might be an awkward situation for you. But this actually means a good friendship without any sexual intentions.

Apart from PDA, what other things should you avoid in Dubai?

  • Don’t dance in public – dancing in public is considered provocative. But you can dance at dancing clubs and of course in your room.
  • Don’t drink in public – staying drunk in public places or drinking alcohol in public places is banned in Dubai.

can you hold hands in dubai

  • Don’t cross-dress – dressing as per your gender is vital in this country. Otherwise, you will have to face negative consequences.
  • Be mindful while you drive – in Dubai, you can rent your favorite sports car for a drive. In your country, you may use different hand gestures to the other driver if you feel unpleasant about their driving. But doing that in this country will ruin your fun.
  • Avoid eating in public during Ramadhan – Ramadhan is a holy month for Muslims, where they fast from sunrise to sunset. So, during this period, you have to follow some strict rules.
  • Don’t use your left hand to greet or anything – using your left hand is considered disrespectful as it is used to clean up oneself.


Dubai is a fantastic country to visit and enjoy. There are plenty of things to have fun with and make your stay memorable. Yet, you need to know their rules and culture to make your stay pleasant. Especially remember the rules on PDA if you are traveling with your partner.

Since Dubai has rules on women’s clothing, we have compiled writing on wearing bikinis there. Educate yourself on it if you are planning a trip.


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