Can you kiss in Dubai?

If you ask this question in general terms, you could get a ‘yes’! You can kiss your loved one in Dubai in the private room where you are staying. That is the only possible place to kiss your partner in Dubai. That is where kissing is allowed in Dubai.


PDA (Public Display of Affection) is considered severe in Dubai. So, the minimum level of affection that can be shown in public places will be holding hands with your partner. Other than that, hugging, kissing, and other ways of showing love are totally prohibited. Moreover, they are considered a severe offense in Dubai.

Though Dubai practices Islam as its main religion and follows laws accordingly, it has flexible rules for ex-pats in almost all aspects other than PDA.

What happens if you kiss in Dubai?

Since kissing is considered a punishable offense, you will be fined or even imprisoned if you get caught. Many tourists have faced this issue there.

can you kiss in dubai


By now, you must be aware that kissing in public places isn’t allowed in Dubai. So, refrain from such activities to enjoy your holidays.

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