Can You Use US Money in Dubai?

Can You Use US Money in Dubai? Yes, you can. But the legal currency in Dubai is not US Dollars. It is the UAE Dirham. Using US dollars is widely accepted in most of Dubai’s hotels and supermarkets. You would have to convert the US dollar into the local currency and get the change in dirhams.

However, you may not be able to use the US dollar everywhere you go in Dubai instead of the local currency. It’s best to get your money converted to dirhams once you reach Dubai. This would save you and everyone else from any conveniences during your holiday.

This should not be a problem for you as there are money exchanges in malls, hotels and virtually every corner of the country. The exchange rate of a UAE dirham is around 3.67 dirhams per dollar. It’s best to get your cash exchanged at the Dubai International Airport as they don’t charge any commission.

You can get AED notes in 1000, 500, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 denominations. One dirham is equivalent to 100 fils with quarter, half and one denominations available.

If you haven’t visited Dubai before, then it’s always best to be prepared with the necessary currency converted beforehand. Dubai is a shopper’s paradise with several high-end malls, vast food options and many adventure zones. The gold souq, too, is a major attraction. The chances of spending much more than you intended during your holiday are very high. So to prevent this, avoid spending in dollars and convert your budget to dirhams.

You can always sell back the left-over dirhams at the Dubai International Airport when you leave. Currency exchange desks at the Airport are open 24/7.

Another reason to have your dollars exchanged beforehand is that most hotels and stores will offer you a low exchange rate than at the Dubai Airport. So find a place that offers you a good price for your dollars and have it exchanged there.

Although Dubai does accept payment in US dollars, always ask to be charged in dirhams. Paying in dollars would often mean that you end up paying more.

You can use this site to convert how much your dollars are worth in AED.

There are some places in Dubai that have a good reputation for money exchanges, unlike other places that will charge you exorbitant sums as a commission or give you low rates. These places include the UAE Exchange, Al Ansari Exchange, Al Ghurair Exchange, LuLu International Exchange and Sharaf Exchange.

Can You Use US Money in Dubai? Summary

Yes, you can use US money in Dubai in most of the supermarkets, stores and outlets. But it’s always best to have dirhams at hand and use that as your currency when you are in Dubai, as most places will offer you a bad rate for your dollars. This would mean that you will end up spending more dollars than you want.

Choose an exchange rate center that will give you the best price for your dollars (you can haggle for the price, too) and have them exchanged. And always request to be charged in dirhams and not dollars, as it could lead to you being over-charged. Most places will charge exorbitant commissions for converting your dollars or give you a low rate. So when visiting Dubai, it is always best to have your dollars exchanged for a good rate and spend in dirhams.

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