Can You Wear a Bikini in Dubai?

The answer to this is simply yes! You can wear a bikini in Dubai for your beach visits. This might be a pretty conservative topic. Yet, you will see many wearing bikinis on Dubai’s beaches. We know that Dubai is home to several ethnicities from all around the world. Yet we see these cultures around Dubai.


Dubai is very open and tolerant of its visitors. But we know that one of the main rules of the country is that women aren’t allowed to wear revealing clothes in public places. Hence, why this question pops up on social media platforms. Bikinis, of course, come in various models. There is a more revealing type and a lesser too. What we usually see in countries like the USA is called ‘dental floss,’ which gives you a fragile mark. But what we see in Dubai is a different beach culture. You will hardly find similar bikinis there.

What will happen if you wear those thin-line bikinis?

We rarely see people wandering in these bikinis on Dubai’s public beaches. At first, it won’t be a punishable offense, but you will be warned. Moreover, there will be more locals on public beaches. You will have immense numbers of stares at you. But the private beaches of hotels and resorts will be less crowded, and you can enjoy wearing your favorite bikini.

Where else can you wear a bikini in Dubai?

As we said, wearing bikinis on public beaches is allowed. It is more enjoyable on the private beaches of hotels and resorts. Apart from this, you can wear it to hotel swimming pools too.

Is Dubai strict with its clothing rules?

What most of us have heard of this will answer ‘yes.’ But what we realized in honesty and experience was different. We saw Dubai is more liberal and modern towards its approach. They give complete freedom. On some beaches, we witnessed ex-pats running around in bikinis. But this doesn’t mean you can go wherever you want with similar clothing. Once you are out of the beach, your clothing must be appropriate and decent.


In which places do they check for appropriate clothing?

You need to wear clothes that cover your hands and knees when you visit religious places and government organizations in Dubai.

What to consider?

Though it is allowed to wear bikinis on the beach, it is advisable to wear a beach dress when you visit the shops, restaurants, cafes, and hotel lobbies near the beach. Also, we should carefully use the freedom they give tourists and respect their cultures and traditions.

What are the ideal clothes for women in Dubai?

Wearing a bikini and walking on the streets is entirely wrong and considered disrespectful in Dubai. But this doesn’t mean you will have to roam along with a burqa. Also, there will be strict rules on clothing during the holy month of Ramadhan (a month in which Muslims fast).

It is best to know what is suitable in this country. This will make your packing process more manageable. The following are certain clothes that are advisable to wear during your stay in Dubai.

  • Flowy long dresses and blouses
  • Hoodies and sweaters
  • Loose clothing that covers shoulders and knees
  • Comfy pants and jeans
  • Shalwar kameez and tops
  • Head scarf (better to carry along. Useful when you visit religious places)

Please note that revealing clothes like miniskirts and crop tops are allowed at nightclubs that are part of big hotels.

can you wear a bikini in dubai

To sum up,

Dubai is a beautiful country with so much to explore and enjoy. A small yet conservative topic shouldn’t be a hurdle to planning your trip. That’s why we have clearly described it with our own experiences. Enjoy the Gulf Beach with moderate-styled bikinis and have fun!

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