Dubai is a melting pot of many different cultures and religions. It is the most tolerant of all UAE countries in terms of religious practices, and their rules are very relaxed. But don’t forget that Dubai is a Muslim country, and it’s always sensible to dress in a way that locals are not offended.

Before dealing with the question, ‘can you wear crop tops in Dubai’ let me give you a short explanation of the dress codes of Muslim females in Islam, so you will know what to expect in a Muslim country.


The dress code of Muslim females in Islam explained.

There is a whole load of misconceptions beings floated around by mainstream media and people about the oppressive attitude of Islam against women. But, trust me, none of this is true. This topic is way too long to discuss here, but here is a gist of what I want to say.
Islam has given women every right to be educated, to work, to have fun, and live the life they want without any restrictions. But. These have to be done within certain boundaries.

The boundaries are to maintain a level of modesty that is aimed at safeguarding the respect and social image of a Muslim woman. Muslim women are required to be fully covered with the exception of their face and hands in the presence of men who are not closely related to them. The clothes they wear should be not tight-fitting, not transparent, and not expose private areas.

But while this is only a religious regulation, there is no law that the women of Dubai have to be dressed this way. Whether they want to follow the guidelines of Islam or not is up to each of them.

What can you wear in Dubai?

So coming back to our original topic, non-Muslim women and tourists are not required to wear the abaya (an outer cloak) or be fully covered. But at the same time, you cannot wear anything you want. As a tourist, your clothes must be modest and not offensive to the religious and cultural sentiments of the local Muslims.

But yes, the temperature in Dubai is hot and sunny. You can’t have a good time in sweltering clothes. You can wear something that is season appropriate and modest enough not to offend locals.

By ‘modest’ in terms of Dubai, I mean you can wear anything that does not show above your knees, your midriffs and cleavage, and shoulders. And avoid clothes that are transparent and too body-fitting or clingy. If anyone finds your dress inappropriate, then you can cover up with a shawl, and please don’t be offended by the request.

So yes, other than these basic clothing requirements, you can wear whatever you want. But make sure your clothing respects the culture of Dubai. They are the hosts, after all.
Make sure you carry a shawl with you, which you can use to cover up when needed. If you want to enter a mosque, you may be required to wear an abaya and cover your head.
Your best wardrobe options for Dubai would be cotton dresses, linen pants, skirts, and sleeveless tops (not spaghetti straps), and shorts that aren’t too short.

It’s best for men to wear full-length trousers except when at the beach or a water park. T-shirts must not contain offensive slogans or pictures.

Women can wear bikinis at a beach, but being topless is strictly prohibited. Most Muslim women would be seen wearing burkinis which are considered modest swimwear in Muslim countries.

Though you are allowed to wear bikinis, avoid ones that are skimpy. When families are present with their children, they don’t like scantily dressed women about.

So coming to the question: Can you wear crop tops in Dubai?

Yes, you can, on beaches, at nightclubs, and within your homes.
But not in public places, as anything showing off midriffs, cleavage, or shoulders is considered inappropriate. So you cannot wear crop tops in malls, museums, desert safaris, and restaurants.

So, in conclusion: Your dress code in Dubai

Your dress code in Dubai should be the right balance between staying comfortable in the heat as well as being modest enough to respect the Arab culture. You cannot wear crop tops, short skirts, or plunging necklines in public. But they may be considered appropriate in nightclubs and beaches. While Dubai is comparatively very relaxed with its religious regulations, it is still best to be respectful of the local culture of the countries you visit.

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