Do We Get Green Card In Dubai? – Introduction 

Do We Get Green Card In Dubai?

Ever wondered if you can get a green card in Dubai and make it your permanent home? You’re not alone. Dubai attracts expats and immigrants from all over the world chasing the glittering skyscrapers, lavish lifestyle, and tax-free salaries. But can you actually settle down for good? The short answer is no, Dubai does not offer permanent residence or green cards for expats. However, there are long-term visas you can get to live and work in Dubai for many years.

Dubai’s economy depends heavily on foreign workers and business investors, so they want to attract top talent from around the globe. But they also want to maintain the local Emirati culture and identity. So, they came up with an innovative solution to balance these – long-term residence visas for highly-skilled workers and wealthy business investors.

While not technically a green card, for many expats Dubai’s long-term visas are the next best thing. You get to enjoy living tax-free in one of the most exciting, fast-growing cities in the world for up to 10 years at a time. Not too shabby! So, if Dubai has captured your imagination, don’t let the lack of permanent residence stop you. With the right skills or business idea, you too can get your hands on one of Dubai’s long-term golden tickets.

UAE Green Visa:

What Is a Green Card?

So what exactly is a green card? It’s not an actual card, but a popular term for a permanent resident card. If you hold a green card in Dubai, it means you have permanent resident status, allowing you to live and work there indefinitely.

How Do You Get a Green Card in Dubai?

There are a few paths to getting a green card in Dubai:

Marriage to a UAE citizen. If you marry a citizen of the UAE, you are eligible to apply for permanent residence. You’ll need to provide proof of marriage and pass a medical exam.

Invest in the UAE. Business investors who start a company in Dubai and invest in the economy may be granted permanent residence. The investment amount depends on the type of business. Real estate investors can also qualify.

Have a skill in demand. Individuals with skills that are in demand in Dubai, such as doctors, engineers, scientists, and teachers may be able to obtain permanent residence. You’ll need to secure a job offer in your field before applying.

Own property. Purchasing and owning investment property in Dubai, especially in designated areas, may make you eligible for permanent resident status. The property value requirements vary depending on the location.

As you can see, green cards in Dubai aren’t impossible to get, but they do require meeting certain qualifications. If you’re looking to make Dubai your permanent home, explore the options to determine which path is right for you based on your situation, skills, and financial ability. With the right strategy and patience, you could be well on your way to getting your own green card in this modern Middle Eastern mecca.

Green Cards in the United States vs. Dubai

Many people assume that Dubai’s residency system is similar to the green card in the US, allowing permanent residency and an eventual path to citizenship. The truth is, Dubai doesn’t actually offer green cards. Their system is quite different.

Residency in Dubai

In Dubai, residency is tied to your job or the job of your spouse or parent. If you lose your job, you typically have to leave the country. The most common residency permits are:

Work permits: Issued to employees through their companies. Valid as long as you work for that company.

Family residency: Issued to dependents of work permit holders. Also tied to the work permit.

Investor residency: For business owners and investors. Requires proving you own or manage a company in Dubai.

To get residency in Dubai, you’ll need a job offer and sponsorship from an employer, or you’ll need to invest in a business. Residency permits must be renewed periodically, typically every 2-3 years.

Key Differences from US Green Cards

The biggest differences are that Dubai residency is not permanent, does not lead to citizenship, and is tied to employment or investment. In contrast, US green cards grant permanent residency and a path to citizenship. Green card holders can live and work freely in the US, even changing jobs or retiring.

While Dubai does offer more stability and benefits than some temporary work visas, residency requirements mean most expats cannot settle in Dubai permanently. If long-term stability or citizenship is your goal, Dubai may not meet your needs. However, for many, Dubai’s residency system provides an appealing middle ground between temporary and permanent status.

Types of Residency Visas in Dubai

Dubai offers several types of residency visas, depending on your circumstances. As an expat, the visa you’ll likely aim for is a residency permit, like:

Investor Visa

If you plan to invest in Dubai, this 5-year renewable visa allows you to own property or start a business. To qualify, you’ll need to invest at least AED 1 million in property or a business. This visa provides stability and the chance to earn additional visas for family members.

Self-Employment Visa

For entrepreneurs and freelancers, a 1- or 2-year self-employment visa lets you legally work for yourself in Dubai. You must have a university degree or equivalent experience, and a business plan for a new Dubai-based company. This visa can be renewed and may lead to residency after 2 years.

Family Sponsorship Visa

If you have a spouse or child who is a UAE citizen or resident, they may be able to sponsor you for a renewable 1- or 2-year residency visa. Requirements include proof of relationship like a marriage or birth certificate. While renewable, this visa requires an ongoing family sponsor.

Retirement Visa

For retirees aged 55 and older, a 5-year retirement visa allows you to live in Dubai without a work sponsor. You must meet either a monthly income threshold (around $5,500 USD per month) or have over $270,000 USD in cash savings. This renewable visa provides retirees a chance to enjoy Dubai’s tax-free benefits.

The options for establishing residency in Dubai depend on your unique situation and needs. While green cards do not exist, Dubai offers visas that can provide long-term stability. The key is finding the right path for you, whether as an investor, entrepreneur, family member or retiree. With some planning, you can make Dubai your new home away from home.

Requirements for Getting a Residency Visa in Dubai

To get a residency visa in Dubai, there are a few requirements you’ll need to meet. Unlike other countries, Dubai does not offer a straightforward path to permanent residency or citizenship for most foreigners. However, with the right qualifications, you can obtain a renewable residency visa.

Have a job offer

The most common way to get a residency visa is to secure a job offer from a UAE-based company. Your employer will sponsor your visa, allowing you to live and work in Dubai for up to 3 years. To qualify, you must have an in-demand skill, like engineering, teaching, or nursing. If your occupation is on the UAE’s critical skills list, that’s even better.

Invest in property

Purchasing real estate in Dubai, like an apartment or villa, can make you eligible for a residency visa. You must pay at least AED 1 million for the property to qualify. Your residency is tied to owning the property, so if you sell it, your visa status ends. This option does not allow you to work in Dubai.

Start a business

If you establish or invest in a UAE-based company, you can get an entrepreneur or investor residency visa. You must have at least AED 500,000 in share capital to qualify. This path allows you to live in Dubai to oversee and run your business. Your residency is renewable as long as your business remains active.

Retire in Dubai

Dubai also offers a retirement residency visa for those over 55 years old. To qualify, you must have a monthly retirement income of at least $5,000 U.S. dollars or equivalent. This visa does not allow you to work but lets you live in Dubai for up to 5 years at a time.

As you can see, while permanent residency and citizenship are rare, Dubai does provide several options for long-term residency visas, especially if you have an in-demand skill, invest in the economy, or are retired. The requirements aim to attract foreign residents who can contribute value to Dubai. If you meet the criteria, Dubai’s residency visas offer an appealing way to experience life in an exciting city.

Do We Get Green Cards in Dubai? The Short Answer

Do green cards exist in Dubai? This is a common question for expats considering a move to Dubai. The short answer is no, Dubai does not officially offer green cards or permanent residency. However, there are long-term visa options that can provide similar benefits.

Long-term Residency Visas

Instead of green cards, Dubai offers 5-year and 10-year residency visas to certain expatriates. To qualify, you typically need to meet an investment threshold, such as purchasing property in Dubai, investing in a business, or having a certain level of professional skill or experience that benefits the UAE economy. These long-term visas provide stability and the ability to easily enter and exit Dubai.

Retirement Visas

Expats over the age of 55 may be eligible for a 5-year retirement visa. The requirements are fairly straightforward: have a monthly income of at least $5,000 USD per person and health insurance coverage. This can be an appealing option if you’re looking to spend your retirement years enjoying Dubai’s warm climate and no income tax.

While green cards are not offered, Dubai does provide paths to long-term residency for those who can contribute to the economy. The visas provide many of the same benefits of permanent residency in other countries. If you’re interested in making Dubai your long-term home, the best approach is to determine which visa options match your skills, experience, and financial situation. With some advance planning, you can find a solution that allows you to stay in Dubai for the long run.

Do We Get Green Card In Dubai?


So there you have it. As surprising as it may seem, no, green cards do not actually exist in Dubai. Despite its cosmopolitan glitz and glamor, Dubai maintains a strict policy when it comes to immigration and permanent residency is not an easy option. While long-term visas are available, Dubai is protective of its cultural identity and resources. For most expats, Dubai remains a place to work, play, and prosper for a few years before moving on to the next adventure or returning home.

If you’re dead set on making Dubai your forever home, you’ll have to work hard to prove your worth and value to the Emirati economy. But for the rest of us, Dubai’s temporary charms may be enough. The lure of the lavish and luxurious can be reason enough to spend a memorable chapter of your life in this desert oasis, even if you eventually have to bid it adieu.

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