Does Dubai Accept USD?

The answer is yes. When writing this article, one US dollar equals 3.67 United Arab Dirhams. Though the currency in Dubai is AED dirhams, many business people have adjusted to doing their business and sales in USD. The main reason for this is the stability of the Dollar over the AED Dirham.

We all know that Dubai is a business city, and many business people come and go to this city every day. We know that time is much essential for any businessman. So many hotels have released their laws to use USD to ease the people. On the other hand, this is a considerable business trick to attract visitors (actually wealthy visitors) to their places. 

On the other hand, as Dubai is a business city, many exports and imports occur. So, to handle these imports and exports, they should have Dollars. As a way of collecting more Dollars, the sellers in Dubai tempt to continue their sales even with Dollars.

Now you may think about what to use, whether USD or AED. As a frequent visitor to Dubai, I recommend you use AED. This is the reason why I am telling you that.

Just say there is an item of 100 AED. This means this costs 27.23 USD. If you paid 28 USD, you would get the same in return. So it means you almost had paid 102.84 AED for 100 AED items. But if you paid in AED, you can give 100 AED. So, there will be no loss for you and the vendor. I always tell them to be intelligent because they are smarter than us. So think twice about spending money. 

I also can give another example of this. Just think that you are a Canadian. At the moment Canadian Dollar costs 2.75 AED. But it cost only 0.75 USD. So it is useless to convert the money to USD. Why should you lower the amount of money? 

Extra fact

When finding data on Does Dubai Accept USD, I suddenly came up with this. Many say that Dubai is such an expensive city. But compared to cities like LA, Dubai has no such expense. But some accommodations and tours may be expensive. But there are a lot of budget ways for them. So you can choose them too.  

Carrying Cash to Dubai

When entering the UAE, visitors must declare any cash, or other financial instruments, including traveler’s checks, that exceed AED 100,000 or its equivalent in other foreign currencies.

Ways of getting money

If you’re looking to get some AED in Dubai, there are a few different ways you can go about it. You can use an ATM or pay with your card at a retail location. If you have a foreign card, like Visa or MasterCard, then it’s likely that they will work at any ATM in Dubai. Just remember that if there’s an issue with your card—like the PIN missing —you’ll need access to another device, such as a computer, before being able to use it again!


As a final note, The currency of Dubai is the dirham, which was introduced in 1970. It’s not the only currency accepted here—there are also numerous other currencies to choose from.

You can exchange USD for other currencies at any of the many money changers in Dubai or an ATM (automated teller machine) if you want to avoid dealing with a human being. You’ll be charged an exchange rate that may vary depending on where you’re getting your money changed and how much time it takes for them to process your transaction; however, this rate should be lower than what banks charge on their exchange rates.

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