Does Dubai get cold at night? Yes, the temperatures in the deserts of Dubai do drop considerably at night. But the cities stay warmer. But this is only during the winter season, and the night temperatures during the summer season are hardly cold. Here is an overview of what to expect from the climate of Dubai.


Does Dubai get cold at night?

Dubai is generally a warm place with lots of sand, sun and blue skies. But since it is situated at 20 degrees latitude North, Dubai has seasons. The seasons of Dubai are not exactly like the four seasons of the UK, but there are changes in climate that occur throughout the year. Through these climate changes, you will experience lots of sun, rain, sandstorms and even snow.

There is a season when the climate of Dubai is mildly warm and pleasant, but from August to November, the climate can go from being very hot and sunny to unbearable scorching weather.

So does Dubai get cold at night? ‘Cold’ is relative and depends on where you are from. The nights in Dubai are generally colder than the days, and night temperatures vary depending on the season.

The temperatures of the nights in Dubai

In January, when the climate is especially cold, temperatures at night can drop to about 12 degrees Celsius.
In February, when the climate is warm, the coldest nights of the month can be around 12.5 degrees Celsius.

And in March, when the temperature is hot, temperatures at night can drop to 14.5 degrees Celsius.

In April, the temperature in Dubai is very hot, and the coldest nights of Dubai would have a temperature of about 17.5 degrees Celsius.
In May, when the day temperature of Dubai is scorching hot, the coldest nights will drop to around 22 degrees Celsius.
In June, the night temperatures will be around 26 degrees Celsius, and in July, it’s 28 degrees Celsius.

In August, when the climate is generally hot, the night temperatures of Dubai may drop to 29 degrees Celsius. In September, night temperatures can be 26 degrees Celsius.
In October, night temperatures will drop to 22 degrees Celsius, in November to 17.5 Degrees and in December to 14 degrees Celsius.

So the answer to the question of does Dubai get cold at night is yes. But in summer, from May to October, the temperature does not drop below 22 degrees Celsius at most, which is not very cold for most people. But during the winter months and the colder periods of the year, the temperature drops pretty low, almost to 12 degrees Celsius.

But to people who come from very cold countries, 12 degrees Celsius is hardly cold. And to those from tropical countries, 12 degrees is pretty much freezing.

If you are planning to visit Dubai during the Winter months, it’s best to pack some warm clothing in preparation for the cold. But I don’t think extra warm clothing is a necessity for the nights of summer.
The deserts of Dubai are a few degrees colder at night than the city. So if you are planning on camping outside the city, wearing appropriately is a must.

So, in conclusion: Does Dubai get cold at night?

Yes, depending on what temperature you call ‘cold’ and depending on the season in which you visit. It’s rare for the summer nights to get anything less than mildly warm or slightly cool. But you may have to be bundled up at night for the winter nights, especially when you are staying in the deserts of Dubai.

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