Does Dubai have sandstorms? Sandstorms are not a strange thing to Dubai. This may be due to its tropical desert climate. These sandstorms are expected mainly in the spring season. 

Due to the strong winds, sand lifts and spreads along a large area, forming a sandstorm.


What are sandstorms like?

These sandstorms are violent. Just think of a situation when a bucket of sand is thrown to your face with pressure. You can’t breathe. You may be injured. You may be buried. Sometimes you may be flown away due to the pressure of the wind. And in the worst case, you may die. Well, don’t worry! After reading this, you won’t get caught in the worst scenario of sandstorms. Sandstorms

Precautions during a sandstorms

Stay Indoors

Home sweet home is always the best. So, it is valid even when a sandstorm is happening. The authorities and media always announce staying indoors to eliminate the danger of sandstorms.  

Be aware not to leave anything valuable outdoors.

While staying inside, it is good to take all the valuable things inside. Just say you have a vehicle parked outside. Be brave to cover it adequately.

Close all the doors and windows in the home properly and tightly.

The responsible officials and authorities are constantly aware people stay inside. And also to close the doors and windows properly. This way helps eliminate entering dust and even storms inside the house. 

Take care of your pets.

Sometimes your pet may be your world. Sometimes it may be your enemy. What so ever pet has a like too. So be kind-hearted to take your pets inside your hose. And you can take the pots and plants inside your home.

 Use air purifiers

Air purifiers are an excellent option to get rid of dust. Air purifiers improve the quality of air. This may help to improve your breathing. 

Drink more fluid. 

It is a good habit to drink plenty of water. But Drinking water to stay hydrated is a must in situations like this. This is because sandstorms typically occur during the arid and hot summers in Dubai.

Cover your face.

Wearing a face mask is the most crucial thing during a sandstorm. This helps to avoid the entry of dust into the respiratory system. Be sure to wear a pair of goggles as well because goggles will help to cover your eyes. Or else you can use a damp cloth to cover your face.

Be cautious about the health condition of asthmatic members in the family.

We should always be mindful of our health, especially in a disaster. People with dust and asthma allergies must be cautious in a disaster like Sandstorm. There are some things to consider by such people when stuck with a sandstorm.

The best and most important thing for such individuals is carrying a first aid kit. Because just after getting stuck, they must be armed.

They must take care of their diet rather than on other days because nutrients are the key to immunity. In other words, they must take steps to improve immunity.

As always, if the condition gets worse, immediately consult a doctor.

What to do if you get stuck in the storm outside 

Once, I got stuck with a Sandstrom when I came home after school. It was one of the most dangerous experiences in my life. I ran soon under the shelter of a building. Many people were covering their cars. But I soon closed my eyes because I hadn’t any goggles. Also, I covered my nose and mouth swell with a handkerchief. There was no need to cover my foot as there were almost covered with shoes. I slowly came down to the ground and crunched.  

So you, too, can do the same things if you get stuck with any sandstorm outside. 

Cleaning the premises after the Sandstorm

Cleaning is fun! But cleaning the house after a sandstorm could be better. How to say? There are tiny dust-like particles that are attached to each and everywhere. These particles are so tiny that they can even enter our respiratory system. So being covered is a must when cleaning the house. And the electrical items should be cleaned properly on every edge before operating them again. Also, after cleaning all the places, including furniture, floors and electric items, it is good to clean the place with a disinfectant liquid. By this step, we can remove all the bacteria stuck in the house. 

Does Dubai have sandstorms

So, it is all about the Dubai sandstorms. Now you know Does Dubai have sandstorms and how to deal with them. So don’t be hesitated to share your ideas with us.

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