Does Dubai have Winter? Once, my friend asked me. I was shocked and replied, “Yes, But why?” Then he explained his keenness to know about Winter in different countries. Because his project was Winter is living in different Countries. And I explained him this way. Oh! Before moving further, let me tell you that I am a frequent traveler and a native of Dubai. And now, I am here in Miami for my higher studies.


Does Dubai have Winter?

When moving straight to the point, the answer is “Yes.” Usually, Dubai experiences the Winter around October to March. It is the best time in Dubai, and many tourists visit Dubai in Winter. In the Winter temperature drops around 25 degrees, which is the best climate in the year. There are no worries about sunburns and heat rashes this time. 

Dubai experiences the winter season from October to March, which is considered the best time for all sorts of tourism activities. As the temperature remains moderate, tourists can spend the maximum time outdoors without worrying about the hot sun.


 The average temperature in the Winter remains around 25 degrees, which is perfect for sightseeing tours and desert activities. You will also get to enjoy a bit of rainfall in the Winter. Dubai gets an average of 5 days of rain in the year, which is mainly expected during the Winter. And according to many people, you can celebrate the best Christmas in Dubai. 

They are getting away with the dusty wind and dry breeze like a blessing for this time. Dubai is getting a rest with a cool breeze for Winter. There will be no more sun burnt hot water in the street water taps. And there is no danger of Sandstorms. And the coastal areas too are enjoying the freedom of cool sea breeze. 

But the mountains will experience much less extreme winter conditions than other parts of the city. However, the little rainstorms with murmuring raindrops make the mountains feel alive. Sometimes there may be some snow on the mountaintops. But snowfall is a rare thing.

What is unique about Winter in Dubai?

The pleasant climate makes the city a little more expensive than the other seasons. There are many eye-catchy and attractive events in the Winter season. Many festivals will be organized at this time. All these events add value to the city as well as make the city more expensive. 

Special events in Winter

  • Dubai Design week – A festival full of creativity. 
  • December 2nd Independence of UAE from Great Britain – This is a day of celebration and remembrance.
  • Dubai International Film Festival in December with lots of celebrities.
  • 31st December at Burj Al Khalifa with tons of fireworks.
  • The Dubai Shopping Festival offers a wide variety of brands. From the final week of December to the first week of February, it lasts the entire month. You can find everything at staggering discounts, including clothing, electronics, accessories, perfumes, and home décor.
  • You will need to find out where to look or what to buy, with food festivals, fireworks, and fashion shows added on top of that! Start saving now; you want to take advantage of this opportunity to go shopping.

Even after the pleasant weather, there are some considerations for this time of year. You should bring some long-sleeved shirts and a jacket because the evenings can get chilly.

While the heat won’t bother you, it’s sunnier in January and February, and UV rays are still a concern. Before leaving the house, apply a thick layer of sunblock.

It was my story! My friend was so grateful to me after sharing all these things with him. But finally, Everyone must enjoy this freedom in Dubai and shop with their loved partners. All these events the Dubai an extraordinary place. Meanwhile, enjoying the outdoors is also interesting in this season. 

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