rainfall in dubai

Dubai has four seasons, such as winter. Spring, fall, and summer. But its usual climate is a hot desert climate. Rainfall in Dubai is less heard of. But it does rain there. Though the temperature in summer is higher, when you don’t feel like relaxing on the beach, the other seasons are great.

Summer begins in the last week of April and lasts till the first week of October. During this period, you can experience scorching weather, hot winds, and high humidity. Hardly do we see rainfall during this season. But there will be a windy conditions exposing you to dust storms sometimes. The temperature is extreme during the months of July and August.

rainfall in dubai

Winter begins around the last week of October in Dubai. This season has pleasant weather in the country featuring many outdoor activities. We can see many entertainments and programs that operate specifically during this season. You can experience thunderstorms and a lower temperature during this season. Also, we can see rainfall during this period. The rainfall has drastically increased over the past decades.

When does it rain in Dubai?

March and December months recorded rainfall in Dubai. You can also see an average rain during January, April, July, October, and November. There is also lower rainfall during May, August, and September.

Does Dubai create artificial rainfall?

does it rain in dubai

During the extreme heat period, the country and scientists put forward this action. They were able to create rain using the cloudseeding method. It was a success. This is another level of innovation which Dubai is already well known for.

How does this happen?

They artificially create rainfall by spraying chemicals in the air. Together with the pros, it has cons of this process too. We know that Dubai’s roads are created in a way to hold extreme temperatures. When it rains continuously, it harms the roads too. Unlike in other places, we can see a lot of sand being brought to the road.


It is fascinating to see rain in this deserted nation, and you can enjoy a bit different nature from what you previously experienced.

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