Does Qatar Airways Fly to Dubai?

Does Qatar Airways fly to Dubai? Yes, it does. You can book a flight to Dubai from whichever country Qatar Airways operates. Qatar Airways operates in more than 90 countries around the world. It’s based in Doha Qatar International Airport and is the flag-carrier of Qatar.

To Qatar Airways flight service, Dubai is one of their commonly booked destinations. Dubai is a tourist hotspot, and it would be surprising if any flight service did not offer transport to Dubai.

There is also a daily airline service from Doha to Dubai. And there are also direct flights from Dubai to Doha, in case you wish to spend the rest of your vacation in the authentic Arabian city of Qatar.

There was a temporary drop in flights during the quarantine season, but flights are back to normal. Interestingly, during the recent Football World Cup held in Qatar, they increased to multiple daily flights in the Dubai-Doha route alone.

Direct flights from Doha to Dubai take an average of 1 hour and 15 minutes to travel the 234-mile distance. Although there are 16 different flights between Doha and Dubai, Qatar Airways seems to be the most popular choice among the general public.

The average price of the route is about $305. They offer good value and service for the money charged. In addition, they have very flexible flight cancellation fees and policies. Trust me; this comes in very useful when traveling.

There was a sudden stop of all Qatar  flights landing in the UAE in 2017. But all that is a thing of the past, and Qatar Airways can now be seen advertising trips to Dubai on their website.

Does Qatar Airways Fly to Dubai? Conclusion

Yes, Qatar Airways does offer flights to Dubai from all over the world. It also has daily flights from Doha to Dubai and vice versa. In the Doha-Dubai route, Qatar Airways flights are reasonably priced and are one of the most popular choices for the public.

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