Does Skype Work in Dubai?

You might have heard that Dubai has banned FaceTime. But does Skype work in Dubai? Is there any way at all you can communicate through video with your loved ones?

No, currently, Skype does not work in Dubai or the UAE. Skype services have been blocked by the ISPs of the United Arab Emirates, so it will not work in Dubai.

Skype is currently working on getting their services up and running in Dubai again, but we are yet unsure when it will be.

There could be many reasons why Skype in Dubai has been blocked by the ISPs of the UAE. UAE has banned apps like FaceTime because in order to create less competition for local service providers like Etisalat and Du. This could be a reason why Skype is blocked too.

Apparently, Skype falls under the list of unlicensed VoIP services (Voice over Internet Services), which is why it is now blocked. VoIP services like Skype and FaceTime are all banned because it carries many risks related to privacy and security issues. These apps are vulnerable to voice phishing and hacking and lack many control options.

So how else can you connect with your loved ones?

Local service providers like Etisalat and Du have come up with their own versions of video connectivity, like C’Me and Botim. But it’s not free like Skype and FaceTime. In fact, you will have to pay a hefty amount for them every month. And the person you are talking to has to have the same services too.

Dubai does have other free options like Google Duo and Zoom. Please refer to this article for a complete list of the VoIP services that are allowed in Dubai.

So to summarize

Does Skype work in Dubai? No, it does not unless you use VPN connections. Using VoIP services that belong to another country other than UAE, like FaceTime, Skype and WhatsApp video calls, is illegal. This decision has been taken by the Dubai government due to many reasons like lack of privacy and cyber security. It is also intended to support the business of local service providers like Etisalat and Du.

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