Dubai Aether Portal may sound new to some of you. The ancient belief of an Aether Portal was that it was a special structure that allowed a player to go to the Aether by walking through the blue swirls. One can enter the aether dimension by constructing an aether portal out of the flowstone and activating it with a bucket of water. When players first enter the dimension, they will notice that the Aether is a colorful world intended to appear and feel completely different from the dreadful nether dimension. Read along to find out more about Dubai Aether Portal.


Dubai Aether Portal – What is Meant By the Aether Dimension? 

Dubai Aether Portal
Dubai Aether Portal -Dubai Skyscrapers

One of the dimensions planned to be a part of Minecraft, the Aether, was present in the beta versions but was ultimately taken out. Aether Portals were created to resemble Nether Portals oppositely. The frame of an Aether Portal is constructed using bright Glowstone blocks rather than the dark Obsidian block.

Dubai Aether Portal: How to Create an Aether Portal?

Dubai build

Glowstone blocks were used to build a five-by-four frame, which was then filled with a bucket of water to create aether portals. The portal was opened as a result, and blue swirls appeared. Similar to how one would use Flint and Steel to activate a Nether Portal, these portals were activated by placing a bucket of water at the bottom of the portal frame. 

New Features 

Dubai Aether Portal
Dubai Aether Portal – Dubai Architecture

In more recent iterations, Aether Portals could be constructed before a player enters the Nether because Glowstone is conveniently located by witch hunting at night or by trading with villagers. Due to the Witches’ high strength and the rare chance of dropping Glowstone Dust, this strategy could have worked better. A Glowstone block can be created using four Glowstone Dust. Even though trading with villagers is efficient, you would need several emeralds to obtain enough glowstone to construct a portal. A portal without edges required ten Glowstone blocks to be constructed. Fourteen Glowstone blocks make up an entire Aether portal.


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