Dubai dolphinarium is the first air-conditioned dolphinarium in the middle east region. This place lets you interact with dolphins and play with them. This creek park is one of the best places for tourists and locals to spend time with their families.

This dolphinarium is home to dolphins and seals. Dolphins and seals together take part in shows and give you entertainment. They also host the creek park bird show. This is a unique bird show to watch.


Dolphin & Seal Show

Dolphins are always known as adorable and loving mammals. So do seals. Watch these two beautiful mammals perform together for a good 45 minutes. Dolphins and seals dance, sing, juggle, play ball, and jump through hoops to show you incredible talents.

There are two types of tickets to watch this show. They are regular seats and VIP seats. The price varies accordingly.

Dubai dolphinarium

Exotic Bird Show

This creek bird show at the Dubai dolphinarium is exciting to watch. There are exceptional and unique birds that perform to amaze you with their tricks and turns. Some of the fascinating birds you can see at this park are; amazon parrots, cockatoos, blue and gold macaws, sun conures, hornbills, toucans, falcons, green-winged macaws, and Eclectus parrots. This bird show is priced at an affordable rate.

The birds will fly above you, come closer, and interact with you. You can even feed these birds at the park. You will have to pay an additional amount to enjoy feeding and watch them eat.

The world’s giant sea eagle is there at the Dubai dolphinarium. You can get a moment captured with him having him in your hand. It will be a wonderful yet nervous experience.

Hawk is known to be the masters of prey. Dubai dolphinarium allows you to take a photo with a Hawk too.

Dubai dolphinarium

Swim with Dolphins

This place is known to be a dolphin planet at the Dubai dolphinarium. You can enjoy a memorable and loving ride with these lovely mammals. A dorsal fin tow or a belly ride, hugging them and kissing them, you will love it to the core.

There will be a guide along with you to guide and tell you facts about these fantastic creatures. Kids above five years can take part in this. An adult should accompany children between five to twelve years of age with a payment. The maximum human weight should be around 100 kg.

Two types of swimming are available for you: deep water and shallow water. The prices vary for both.

Shallow water interaction has water up to your knee level. The guests can touch, hug, dance, kiss, and sing with the dolphins and enjoy their friendly behavior under the supervision of a trainer. This is a perfect session for your kids.

Dubai dolphinarium

5D Cinema

Experience a top-class cinema feeling at the Dubai dolphinarium. This 5D cinema plays for not more than 5 minutes. It has combined 3D film footage with a 5D effect. You can experience lightning and thunder, wind, frost, rain, snow, and explosion effects with the movements of seats.

This will be a wonderful experience to remember lifelong.

Mystical Mirror Maze

You will have to find your way through the disturbing and baffling maze of mirrors. It is complicated yet interesting to enjoy.

Take a Memory Along

Dubai dolphinarium has professional photographers to capture your exotic moments at the park. You must book this service at the ticket counter before or after the show. A maximum of five persons will be allowed per photo.

They also have a gift shop at the Dubai dolphinarium. There are souvenirs, gifts, t-shirts, and many other things that you can buy to carry back home.


While you spend your day at Dubai dolphinarium, you will also need a place to fill your tummies. This restaurant serves you good food and beverages. They mainly serve Asian-inspired food at a friendly rate.

You can book the whole place for any events if you need.

Events and Other

You can book this place for cooperate events, school outings, or your kids’ birthday parties. It will be a memorable moment, and everyone will enjoy it.

Dubai dolphinarium

To sum up, the Dubai dolphinarium will give you many exciting and unique experiences under one roof. Are you looking for a more exciting, adventurous place in Dubai to visit? Please have a look at our detailed writing on IMG worlds of adventure.


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