Dubai frame is a famous tourist attraction sight that is located at Gate 4 (stargate), Zabeel park, Dubai. This golden frame allows you to experience Dubai’s Past, Present, and Future. This is the largest frame in the world, with a height of 150 meters and 95 meters in width. This also has 48 floors. This is an iconic structure that celebrates the mesmerizing history of Dubai.

This fame was created with elements like glass, steel, reinforced concrete, and aluminum. This unique structure resembles a picture frame; on one side, you can view the Past while the Future is on the other. The bridge that connects both the edges or towers is the observation deck. The observation deck at the top lets the visitors enjoy a spectacular view of this magnificent city. The glass floors on top let you view down 150 meters.

Dubai frame


The Three Era

Experiencing the Past – visitors can experience the Past from the ground to the top floor. The latest technologies, together with animations and holographic effects, are used. There will be traditional music around and aromatic scents used in the Past that will make you travel back with a genuine feel. This multimedia exhibition will showcase Dubai’s rapid transformation from a fishing village to a modern marvel.

The Present – walking along the opaque, transparent bridge lets you look around present Dubai. The liquid crystal glass gets clear with sensor technology when a visitor walks on it. Feel like you are walking on air at the height of 150 meters with a fantastic view around and beneath. People can identify the different buildings and architecture via augmented reality active screens.

Visit the Future – visiting this zone on the other side lets you travel on an imaginary look at how Dubai will be 50 years ahead. You can see flying taxis, underwater lifestyles, marvelous missions in space, and many attractive architectures. Exceptional audio and visual effects are portrayed here.

Visiting Dubai frame is like you are traveling on a time machine. The experience and the sight will give you the authentic feel of traveling in three eras.

Dubai frame

What to Know Before You Visit Dubai Frame?

It is easy if you know the basic rules and other things before you visit here. That will help you plan your trip to visit the Dubai frame.

Opening Hours – The Dubai frame will be open for visiting from 9 AM to 9 PM. It is open daily, but the timing will change during Ramadhan and public holidays.

Tickets – Tickets are rated AED 50 for adults and AED 20 for kids above three years to twelve. Kids below three years can enter free.

Know these Early to Avoid Disappointments – No pets allowed. No smoking. No food and beverage. No toys and other things. Decent clothing. Do not touch anything on display. Large bags and strollers are not allowed. Take care of your children. An adult must accompany kids below 12 years.

Dubai frame

Never miss the opportunity to visit this marvel in Dubai with your family or alone. This is a place to enjoy and experience a wonder. Would you love to interact with the friendly mammals on earth? The dolphins? The Dubai dolphinarium is waiting for you.


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