Dubai mall is the largest shopping mall in the world, located in Downtown Dubai. This is also called the Downtown mall. Downtown Dubai was an old army base before it was converted into the home of amazement. Holding the tallest building in the world, the largest mall in the world, and the largest performing fountain in the world, the Downtown bears all the pride.

Dubai mall holds about 1200 shops; retail outlets, and it held another world record in 2011, being the most visited building on earth. But records say it is still the most visited retail and lifestyle location globally, welcoming more than 100 million visitors each year.

This mall also gives 200 international dining experiences to the guests giving flavors from around the world.


Dos and Don’ts at the Dubai Mall

  • Shoulders and knees should be covered.
  • No pets inside the mall.
  • No smoking in the mall.
  • No kissing or the display of affection.
  • No dangerous activities (Ex. Skating).
dubai mall


The Dubai mall will have nine guest service desks to reach when you require a direction or inquiry. The friendly staff will help you.

  • Luggage & bag drop service – You can enjoy shopping at the Dubai mall even after checking out from your hotel till you board the airport. You can choose this service and safely store your luggage.
  • Babysitting service – they have professionally trained babysitters and provide childcare while you shop at the mall. You can enjoy dining in, too, while experiencing this service.
  • Wheelchairs – Wheelchairs will be provided at no charge. Request one if you need one at the help desk.
  • Power bank – Power banks are available at the help desks. You can have them temporarily while you enjoy yourself at the Dubai mall. You must keep a security deposit to show a valid ID and receive one.
  • Prayer rooms – For the guests’ convenience, each floor is designed with a prayer room for men and women separately.
  • Lost and found – If you lose or find anything valuable at the mall’s premises, you can visit this desk on the lower ground floor.
  • Dubai metro – This public transportation service is connected from level 2 of the mall. The station’s name is Burj Khalifa/ Dubai mall.
  • In-mall chauffeur service – This complimentary service can be booked at the help desk to obtain a buggy to enjoy your shopping.
  • Shop and drop – This fantastic service is available to give you a wonderful experience at the mall. You can drop your shopping bags at a safer place and get them back once you are done. You need to inform them 15 mins before finishing your work, and they will deliver it to you. More details on this can be obtained at the guest service desks.
  • Free Wi-Fi – Enjoy this service while you spend your time at the Dubai mall.
  • ATMs – ATMs are available throughout the mall for your accessibility.
  • Baby changing rooms and strollers – Shopping with your kids at the Dubai mall is easy now. You can request strollers, and baby changing rooms are available to refresh your babies and enjoy them.
dubai mall

How Can You Arrive at the Dubai Mall?

There are various modes of transportation to reach Dubai mall.

  • Metro – This is the most accessible service, and when you stop at the Burj Khalifa / Dubai mall stop, the mall is within walking distance via the metro link bridge.
  • Bus – Two bus services work towards the mall every 15-20 mins. One is from Deira gold souk station, which is route 27. And the other is Ghubaiba bus station, route 29.
  • Taxi and car – This route will be easier using Google maps/ Maps applications.

What are the Tourist Attractions at the Mall?

  • Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo – Witness the world’s largest aquarium at the Dubai mall. Know more details on the aquarium and underwater zoo by clicking here.
  • VR park – This is a theme park with virtual reality to entertain you. This is known as DXB park, with over 30 VR experiences.
  • Reel cinemas – Gives you a more comprehensive range of experiences at a modern cinema with Reel junior for kids and Dine-in cinema for foodies.
  • Dubai ice rink – This is a place for ice skaters, which is also ideal for beginners. Beat the heat at this place at the Dubai mall.
  • Dubai Dino – Meet the resident dinosaur and experience, Jurassic Park.
  • Hysteria – This is a haunted place and gives you a frightening experience. If you are a thriller seeker, this place is for you.
  • Trampo Extreme – This is a fun place for kids above three years and adults with many activities to enjoy.
  • Ekart Zabeel – This modern go-cart service gives you access to drive modern go-carts and enjoy. This is a safe place for beginners as well. It is located on the rooftop of the mall.
  • Soft play – This is a kid’s play area offering a lot of fun activities for kids.
  • Observatory – Sky views observatory at the mall gives you a marvelous experience of the glass slide and edge walk with their marvel architecture.

What are the Famous Retail Outlets at the Mall?

Dubai mall is home to a more significant number of international and local brands and their franchise. Here are some of them for you to know.

  • 7 for All Mankind – Ground floor
  • 99 Sushi bar & restaurant – Ground floor
  • A Bathing Ape – Ground floor
  • Zara – Ground floor
  • AAPE – Ground floor
  • Puma – Ground floor
  • Adidas – Ground floor
  • Tiffany & Co. – Ground floor
  • Ai zone – Ground floor
  • Aldo – Ground floor
  • & Other Stories – First floor
  • 100% Capri – First floor
  • ADL – First floor
  • Next – First floor
  • Reebok – First floor
  • Aigner – First floor
  • Triumph – First floor
  • Aldo accessories – First floor
  • American vintage – First floor
  • Apple store – First floor
  • 800 leather – Second floor
  • Alkon – Second floor
  • Yamaha – Second floor
  • Wood and Copper – Second floor
  • US Polo Assn – Second floor
  • Royal fashion – Second floor
  • Samsung – Second floor
  • Parkers – Second floor
  • Miniso – Second floor
  • Lulu hypermarket – Second floor

These are a few of the available outlets at the mall. You can always check a digital map available at the guest help desk on each floor. So, it will be helpful for you to reach the required destination.


Dubai mall gives you an exclusive dining experience from many restaurants with international flavors.

American, Chinese, Japanese, Asian, middle eastern, British, French, Indian, Italian, and many other flavors are waiting to treat you.

Dubai mall

This fantastic mall holds beautiful experiences for you to enjoy when you visit Dubai. See you with another beautiful article featuring more of this fantastic city, Dubai.


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