This word sounds familiar, isn’t it? If we come across articles about Dubai, this word comes into our sight. Dubai Marina is an artificial canal city in Dubai. It was established in 2003 and built along a 3 km stretch. The development process of this artificial town is still going on. The first phase is completed, and it is expected to be the world’s largest man-made marina.

This is known to be one of the busiest leisure districts in Dubai. This place has many attractions that people visit to relax and enjoy. Visiting Dubai and having a city tour includes visiting the marina with a guide to see the waterway. People also can join a cruise for dinner and ride on a luxury yacht.

Dubai marina


Hotels and Buildings in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina nests some of the tallest skyscrapers. It also has the world’s tallest residential towers. Here are some of the tallest blocks.

  • Marina 101 – This is the tallest building in Marina and the second tallest in Dubai. There are 5-star hotels and residential apartments in this building. This is 432 meters in height.
  • Princess Tower – This building of 413.4 meters is the second tallest fully residential building in the world.
  • 23 Marina – This luxurious tower has apartments and many swimming pools.
  • Elite Residence – This is a fully residential skyscraper.
  • The Torch – This tower is known as the Marina torch or Dubai torch. It has apartments and retail units.

Attractions Around Dubai Marina

Every nook and corner of Dubai has attractions and events for tourists. Not typically for tourists, but for everyone who visits. So, Dubai marina isn’t exceptional.

Dubai Marina Walk

Do you just think this a dull walk pathway? Absolutely not! This world-famous Dubai Marina walk is a beachfront walkway. The beach itself will give you an incredible feeling. With a good vibe, you can enjoy good snacks and meals at restaurants.

But completing the walkway of 7km will take a day.

Public events and special events are always planned and happen around Marina walk.

Dubai Marina Mall

This is a perfect place for you to sneak in while you are at the Dubai marina. This is a 4-level shopping mall with various facilities. This mall has retail outlets from basics to high-end fashion. There is a range of restaurants with waterfront dining. Supermarkets, juice/beverage outlets, and kids’ play areas are available. There is a luxurious cinema as well.

Speed Boat Tour

Enjoy a thrilling boat ride at a more incredible speed, viewing the iconic sights of Dubai. The evening ride will treat your eyes to the warm sunset. The ride will be 90 mins duration. This ride will be dumping your phones with outstanding photos.

This tour isn’t recommended for pregnant women, people with heart issues, or kids below 15 kg.

The ride covers the marina canal, Burj Al Arab, and some other sights and goes back to Dubai marina.

Cruise Tour

Cruises are popular at Dubai Marina. Especially Dinner cruises. It is a beautiful experience to enjoy dinner on a cruise. There will be a splendid view around you when you enjoy your meals. The cruises will be colorful with beautiful lights. There are regular cruises and luxury 5-star cruises as well.

Sunset and Dinner Cruise

Enjoy this fantastic experience on a glass houseboat ride. You will be provided with 5-star food. There will be a wide selection of food, and you will enjoy them. You can either go for sunset only or dinner only.

Dubai marina

Five Star Rated Hotels at Dubai Marina

While you stay at Dubai marina, you can enjoy yourself so much. From the fantastic views from skyscrapers to enjoying luxury, it will be a memorable stay. We have wrapped up a few hotels for you to do your rinse before you plan your trip.

  • Address Dubai Marina – Beautiful hotel with a waterfront view. It has four unique restaurants to treat you. It has a spa and an infinity pool. This hotel directly links to the Dubai Marina Mall.
  • Dust Residence – This residence overlooks the marina and has two restaurants for you to dine in.
  • Amwaj Rotana – This is an excellent hotel with rooms and suites. There are six restaurants here. Spa and Jacuzzi, too, are available with outdoor pools. You can enjoy it in private balconies with amazing views.
  • Intercontinental Dubai Marina – This luxury waterfront hotel has three room categories. Eight restaurants and bars are available, with a health club and spa. There is an outdoor pool sighting the marina.
  • Hilton Dubai Jumeirah – This beachfront hotel has Persian Gulf views. There is a spa, health club, rooftop bar, and sky lounge. There is also a private beach with pools.
Dubai marina

Visit Dubai and enjoy your visit to Dubai marina. Know about Burj Al Arab, a seven-star luxury in Dubai.


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