Dubai miracle garden is the world’s most extensive natural flower garden. There’s no wonder in this. Dubai is well known for possessing many of the world’s top and first icons. Flowers are an attraction despite of age category. Everyone loves flowers. It creates beautiful surroundings and fragrances too. Watching them, even in a small space, is always a treat. Imagine yourself in the world’s most extensive flower garden, surrounded by millions of plants and flowers. This flower garden is one of the popular attractions in Dubai.

What sets this garden extinct from others is that this is home to more than 50 million flowers. That is unimaginable, right? With extravagant architectural designs and plans, this miracle flower garden stands unique proudly. This garden spreads over an area of 72,000 sq meters.miracle garden


When is it Open?

The Dubai miracle garden is usually open for visitors from October to April every year. It is when the cold climate starts. Soon after the summer, it opens for visitors. They avoid summer as it is scorching and not a suitable climate for flowers.

What Attractions are Waiting for You?

At the Dubai miracle flower garden, more exciting and engaging activities are planned for every opening. This flower paradise is the region’s more picturesque and colorful attraction. With its breathtaking visuals and attractions, this garden will never fail to give you an unforgettable experience.

You should never miss these unique and giant floral creations at the Dubai miracle garden.

  1. Teddy Bear – see the beautiful teddy you cuddled in your bed in a more incredible view. You can capture a beautiful picture in front of the giant floral teddy bear. This is beautifully created, and we can see it as the bear hugs a heart-shaped cushion.
  2. Floral Clock – this beautifully created clock is a fantastic view for you. The floral clock that will make you forget the time passing is waiting for you at the Dubai miracle garden.
  3. Cabanas – the nature cabanas are there for you to rest and relax after a long walk in the garden. These cabanas look extremely beautiful, as if it was set up for a great wedding.
  4. Floral castle – this Disney-themed floral castle is at the miracle flower kingdom. This magnificent garden castle with red and green stays as an excellent backdrop for your pictures.
  5. Floral Villas – you might have heard of luxury villas. But at the Dubai miracle garden, you can see beautiful floral villas. You will feel like you are traveling in a fairy tale. These fantasy houses are not for inhabitation. Their roofs are bedded with beautiful lilac, lavender, orange, and lily-white flowers. 
  6. Heart Tunnel – the heart is a symbol of love. These heart arc passages at the Dubai miracle garden are a great visual treat. These flower arches are one of the favorite spots for couples. Traveling through this heart passage gives the visitors a fragrance-filled, joyful experience.
  7. Sitting area – walking through this remarkable space will be tiresome. You will need a space to relax and enjoy. This area with sheltered roofs full of flowers around the lake park is a comfy sitting area. You can enjoy your meals in this space.
  8. Umbrella Tunnel – every creation at the Dubai miracle garden is unique and exclusive. The thought process is impressive. These are walking passages beautifully created with creative thought.
  9. Lake Park – lakes add beauty to the garden anywhere. This is a perfect spot for amazing pictures. The colorful flower beds around the lake give it an excellent look, along with the waterside creature models.
  10. Hilltop – as we mentioned earlier, traveling through the Dubai miracle garden gives you the feeling of traveling through a fairy tale. The beautiful color vibes around give you the perfect tale feel. From the hilltop, the garden looks like a valley of wonder. There are snack bars around the place; this is a great spot to enjoy.
  11. Smurfs Village – this is the favorite stop for kids among all the other attractions at the garden. Visitors will meet some surprise characters and enjoy much while passing through this village.
  12. Floral Designs – this is a place where imagination meets creativity. This space is amazingly designed with fabulous 3D looks. You will see humanoid ants, giant floral mushrooms, flower-powered cars, swans full of roses, and many more.
  13. Emirates A380 – airbus A380 is one of the most loved aircraft in the world. And Dubai’s flagship, Emirates, has it more than any other. So to celebrate and honor that, the authorities have decided to create a life-sized A380 botanically. It is a proud icon for them to have it in the world’s most extensive flower garden. This airbus is covered with around 500,000 flowers and plants. This is the iconic attraction in the garden.
  14. Sunflower Field – get lost in your thoughts in this yellow garden. The vibrant color will make your day bright and shiny.
  15. Floating Lady – this is the newest attraction at the miracle garden. This is a marvel structure created as a lady is floating in the air with her arms stretched and petunia flowers as her dress covering her.

What Entertainments Does this Place Have?

  1. Yoga at the Park – within a beautiful environment doing yoga without stress is a popular program at the miracle garden.
  2. Flower Parade – you will be entertained by the live music and amazing dancers. They will be dressed up in costumes and travel throughout the garden, entertaining everyone.
  3. Kid’s Play Zone – what is an attraction without a space for kids? Dubai miracle garden didn’t forget the concept. This is a place for kids with so much fun. If they are tired of walking around, you can leave them at this place or relax with them. The staff will assist you in looking after the kids.
  4. Zumba – this dance-based workout is for everyone in your family. Make your leisure walks activated by our Zumba dance. miracle garden


This more expansive space has got more than thirty food and beverage vendors. There are coffee shops, candy stores, and fresh juice bars.

What Other Facilities Does the Garden Offer?

  • Parking facilities
  • Wheelchair services
  • Prayer rooms
  • Souvenir shops
  • Washroom facilities

What Records Does the Miracle Garden Hold?

The Dubai miracle garden holds a Guinness record for the marvelous creation of the airbus A380 as the most prominent flower structure in the world.

How is the Watering Process Done?

The watering process is done during the night after the garden closes. Dubai municipality is in charge of this process. The municipality retreats the city’s water and passes it to the garden. There again, they re-filter and change it to good water. After that, they use it to water the plants.

Dubai Butterfly Garden

This is a neighbor of Dubai’s miracle garden. This is the world’s most extensive indoor butterfly garden. It has more than 15,000 butterflies from around 45 majestic species. There are ten custom-built, climate-controlled domes to house these butterflies.

This is a must-see area for everyone, and you will learn more about these beautiful creatures. Different in shapes, sizes, colors, and other unique features, the Dubai butterfly garden will give the visitor an exclusive experience for a lifetime.miracle garden

To Conclude-

In a nutshell, the Dubai miracle garden is one of the most visited places in Dubai. The memories the garden will give you will last your lifetime, and the fantastic pictures you can capture here can never be replaced anywhere. This paradise of flowers with fragrance will make you feel like you are not to return home.

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