Ferrari World Day trip from Dubai, true to its name, is a Ferrari-themed Park. It has many exciting activities, rides, top-tier performances, and more. It is situated in the capital, Abu Dhabi, of the United Arab Emirates. Only an hour’s ride, approximately 110 km away from Dubai. The park has five zones – the Welcome Plaza, Family Zone, F1 Zone, Italian Zone, and Adventure Zone.

The visitors can check out the list of activities, events, and live performances available for the day in the Welcome Plaza. The family-friendly rides are primarily available in the Family Zone. It has all the scaled-down rides of the parks for the children to experience.


The young can get a full-on experience riding the Formula Rossa Junior, Flying Wings, Turbo Tower, and Speedway Race. The Turbo Tower gives you an experience of zero gravity, and Formula Rossa Junior is a miniature version of the famous Formula Rossa ride available for adults. Tyre Twist is a giant tire that spins and gives you that Ferrari feels. The other rides the young can have are Benno’s Great Race, Nello’s Adventureland, Viaggio in Italia, and Driving with the Champion.


The F1 Zone

This zone at Ferrari Park has the most gripping rollercoaster ride, Formula Rossa. It is the fastest rollercoaster, with a speed of 0 to 240 mph in 4.9 seconds. Junior Grand Prix allows children to experience the scaled-down version of Ferrari F1 racing cars. You can discover Rosso & ll Rossa’ in Galleria Ferrari, highlighting inspirational women’s history.


The Italian Zone

This zone at Ferrari park allows you to experience the delights of a town in Italy, Maranello. Flying aces is yet another thrilling ride with a 51-degree incline at a 63 m height and, thus, the world’s highest roller coaster loop. Fiorano GT Challenge and Bell’ Italia are other rides available. Speed of Magic lets you enjoy a 4D fantasy universe and journey into oceans, cliffs, and ice caves.

The mechanic in you will surely enjoy Made in Maranello. You get to witness the making of the Ferrari GT from design to the final hand assembly. RC challenge and Motor Midway games are entertaining in this lovely city of little Italia. Mission Ferrari will soon be available to challenge your adventurous side.

The Adventure zone

This zone has some ultimate heart-racing rides, like the Turbo Track. Turbo Track is a vertical climb with an astounding zero-gravity fall. Scuderia Challenge allows you to see what it’s like to train like a Ferrari driver.

Ferrari World Day Trip from Dubai

To conclude,

Moreover, the park offers you the chance to get a hands-down driving experience in a Ferrari car with a Ferrari-trained instructor. VIP Driving Experience gives priority access to some rides and attractions and one scary driving experience. Add a notch to your adventure by partaking in ziplining and roof walking. You can taste Italy in some of the dining areas inside the park. Get a taste of famous fast foods in Mamma Rossella, a serving of different cuisines in Il Podio, fill your tummy with delicious tacos and hot dogs in Officers Food Quarters and relish the Italian coffee in Espresso Rosso.

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