Global village, in general terms, means the interconnection of each country in terms of the growth of technology. Global village in Dubai is where cultures around 90 countries are in one environment. You do not have to travel worldwide if you visit the global village. You can experience the culture and traditions of 90 countries together with their flavors and many more in this city of records. It is a family destination with so much to enjoy.

You can walk through pavilions to experience the culture and diversity of each country. There are also live shows representing different cultures. The global village is open for visits from November to April next year. They have opted for this as otherwise, it is scorching weather.

With a ticket of AED 15, you can visit 90 countries around the globe. No flight tickets, no hassles on visas. All you got is to enjoy. A global village is a global interaction without borders.

Global village



Experience the taste of every culture with surprising elements. Travel along the pavilion knowing about each country and its popular features.

These are some available pavilions at the global village, Dubai, for you to visit.

  • Afghanistan
  • Africa
  • Al-Sana’a
  • Americas
  • Bahrain
  • China
  • Egypt
  • Europe
  • India
  • Iran
  • Japan
  • Khalifa Foundation
  • Korea
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon
  • Morocco
  • Pakistan
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Syria
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
  • UAE
  • Oman
  • Palestine
  • Qatar
  • Russia
  • Yemen


You can shop around the world at the global village. Snacks, chips, cashmere shawls, jackets, Japanese masks, Iranian carpets, honey, and oils from around the world are popular items you can look for.

Selfie Spots

There are many selfie spots in global village for you to capture unique and memorable moments. The famous selfie spots are as follows,

Fireworks Avenue – you can relax while looking at a beautiful fountain and enjoy the gigantic fireworks.

World Avenue – this place has some of the famous iconic landmarks from around the globe.

Heritage Village – enjoy the hospitality of Emiratis in this village, experiencing their old culture and traditions.

Gate of the World – this is an iconic Dubai landmark. On special days and occasions, this place is lit with beautiful lights.

Cultural Gate – this gate is built inspired by the region’s architecture.

Dragon Lake – this lake features a well-crafted fire-breathing dragon. This lake has the most significant underwater LED screen.

Kids’ Theatre – this is an excellent place to hang out watching your favorite show.

Dry Fountain – this is a colorful water play area to enjoy and capture the photogenic moments.

Arabian Square – you can enjoy live shows and street food in this place. There is a horse fountain as a beautiful backdrop for your click.

Celebration Walk – this is the best place for your celebrations and events. The golden light arcs are breathtaking to sight, which will be the best for your photographs.

Global village

Shows and Events

The global village, Dubai, is full of shows and events for everyone to enjoy. This is a family spot where you can enjoy yourself with your family. There are more than 30,000 shows in this village. There will be kids’ shows, cultural shows, international entertainment, stunt shows, and many other programs to keep you amazed.

  • The mystery of the golden rock, Chhota Bheem, PJ masks, care bears, and Peter rabbit are popular kids’ shows.
  • As if by magic, air-filled clowns, clownin’ chaos, kaleidoscope, and circus are other exciting shows.
  • There are also special shows dedicated to each pavilion.

Happy Dining

Global village Dubai is the best place to enjoy street foods. You can enjoy an array of flavors, from mouth-watering bites to flavorful foods around the globe.

Road of Asia – treat the taste buds to the flavors of Asia. This is a one-stop place to buy and experience 13 Asian countries—Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Nepal, Bhutan, Malaysia, and many more.

Indian Chaat Bazar – Indian chaat is special and tasty. There is an extensive buffet that serves you all types of chaat.

Happiness Street

Fruit Bazar – enjoy juices and ice creams to beat the heat.

Floating Market – enjoy Asian indulgent cuisine cruising through.

Fireworks Avenue – enjoy your meal while you treat your eyes too.

Fiesta Street – it is always a party on this street.


This place at the global village is fun and packed with lots of activities for little buds and adults. There are various activities here, and they are all unique.

Family Ride

The following are the family rides available at the global village.

  • Amazon boats
  • Festival wheel
  • Miami surf
  • Roaming Rome
  • Transylvania towers
  • Manila mayhem

Family Thrill Ride

  • Caribbean ship
  • Mumbai Xpress
  • Sydney kangaroo
  • London loop

Kiddies Ride

  • California highway
  • Mexican balloons
  • Texas track
  • Spania boat
  • Beijing bungee
  • Holland windwheel
  • Swiss swing
  • Seven sea pirates
  • Cuban dance
  • Thai twist
  • Arabian horses
  • Bahraini merchant

Thrill Ride

  • Honolo-loop
  • Moscow max
  • Jamaica drum
  • Athens slingshot
  • Shang high
  • Fly France
  • Global Burj

Apart from the above rides, there are arcades and skill games at the carnival.

Global village

Experiences and Attractions

Kiddies – Diggers lab

Others – Sharpshooters and houses of fear

Ripley’s Believe It or Not

This is the first “odditorium” in the region. This is a place never to be missed. There are so much of exciting things, such as,

  • 4D theater
  • Retail shop
  • Odditorium
  • Mirror maze

It is truly unique how things are planned and brought out here. The global village marvels us with the outcome and is a great place to buy souvenirs from many countries.

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