How cold does Dubai get in winter? It does get cold, but not so cold as the winters of the UK and Canada. The coldest winter would get in Dubai is 12 degrees on winter nights.


How cold does Dubai get in winter?

Dubai is hot and sunny all year round, but they do have seasons. The ‘seasons’ of Dubai are not so distinct as in other European countries, but there is a considerable fluctuation in temperature.

The summers of Dubai are unbearably hot and intensely scorching, but the temperatures in winter do not drop so low. The maximum it would drop on a winter night would be 12 degrees Celsius. But there are rare instances where it dropped to 7.4 degrees Celsius in February 1991.

The average day temperature during the months of December, January and February varies from 19 degrees Celsius to 22 degrees.

So ‘cold’ in Dubai is not freezing cold, but it is cold enough to be wearing sweaters and jackets to keep warm. To tourists who have seen temperatures drop below zero in the winter, the winter of Dubai is a joke. But for the locals who have been used to the scorching summers and sunny climate all through the year, winter is pretty cold.
The deserts of Dubai are comparatively colder than the city. And the nights are colder than the day. Please refer to this article for the temperatures of Dubai nights.

Most travel advisors will recommend visiting Dubai during the months of December, January, and February when they have winter. This is because winter is pleasantly cold, suitable for European visitors, and summer is unbearably hot, not ideal for visitors who want to look around Dubai and explore.

In winter, the days are just cool and mild enough to have a day out at the beach and explore the many attractions Dubai has in store. Dubai winters are perfect for some exercise, recreation, and outdoor activities.

If you ever make the mistake of visiting Dubai in the summer, you may have to spend your time cooped up indoors under the mercy of the air-conditioner, and your vacation may not be the best experience.

If you are planning on camping out in the desert, then yes, you would have to be swaddled up because the desert temperatures tend to drop quite low in winter.

But otherwise, don’t pack stuffy clothes for a winter visit to Dubai. Keep it light and appropriate. Cotton clothing is best for any season, and choose clothes that are modest enough not to be offensive. Adding a sweater or two would be a good idea in case the climate decides to get chilly.

Does it rain and snow in Dubai?

No, because temperatures rarely drop as low as that. But Ras Al Khaimah, a city in Dubai, sometimes does snow in January.
And yes, it does rain in Dubai, but rain is rarely heavy and does not last for long. There could be an average of five rainy days in the winter months of December, January, and February.

In conclusion- How cold does Dubai get in winter?

How cold does Dubai get in winter? Not so cold at all. The days of winter will have a temperature ranging from 19 to 22 degrees Celsius which is the perfect temperature for swimming, beach and outdoor activities. The nights in Dubai are considerably colder but never below 12 degrees Celsius maximum.

So in case, you are wondering what to pack for a winter vacation in Dubai, you most probably won’t need lots of jackets and sweaters. Just long-sleeved T-shirts and shawls would be adequate against the slight chill.

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