How Frequent Are Sandstorms in Dubai?

How Frequent Are Sandstorms in Dubai? Yes, sandstorms do occur pretty normally in the UAE, but not all the time. Sandstorms become frequent during the summer when temperatures rise, causing strong winds. They also become more frequent during turbulent weather, when the seasons transition from Winter to Summer, and vice versa.

Whenever sandstorms do occur, however, they are entirely unpredictable. Sandstorms would occur a rough average of 4-5 times a month during the summer, and most of them are not very strong.

While sandstorms do occur in Dubai, it is more frequent in the desert than in the city. Most of the dust storms originate in the dried-up marshlands of Kuwait or Iraq, but by the time they get to UAE, they blow themselves out and are normally very mild. And no, sandstorms like in Mission Impossible happen very rarely.

All About Sandstorms in Dubai

Sandstorms happen when strong and powerful winds whip up the loose sand from a desert or dry region and blow it around forcibly. A Haboob is an Arabic word for a very violent sandstorm. They are low-visibility dust-storms that are created when a thunderstorm cell pushes air downwards.

A typical sandstorm can move at the speed of 25 miles per hour and can be 50 feet tall. They can even get higher than that, depending on the strength of the storm. The height of a sandstorm depends on how strongly the wind blows.

Can Sandstorms in Dubai be dangerous?

Yes, they can. Since they occur suddenly, they pose many hazards. Sandstorms can lead to low visibility and car accidents. They can also get in your eyes and cause breathing problems for people with asthma.

When there is a sandstorm, take cover as soon as possible or get home fast. Don’t try to drive in low visibility. One of the worst sandstorms happened as early as June 2019, causing high winds and thunderstorms.

How Frequent Are Sandstorms in Dubai? Summary

Sandstorms do happen in Dubai, but they are not as common as in countries like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. And the sandstorms of Dubai are rarely very strong or damaging. They mostly occur during the summer or the transition period between Winter and Summer. They can occur an average of 4-5 times per summer, including very mild sandstorms, but the number could vary because they are very unpredictable.

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