How Much Do Dubai Citizens Get Paid? – Introduction

How Much Do Dubai Citizens Get Paid?

Ever wondered how the other half lives in Dubai, especially the lucky Emiratis who were born into citizenship? You’ve heard the rumors of lavish allowances and insane perks, but let’s dig into the actual numbers. The truth is, Dubai takes care of its own. As an Emirati citizen, you’ve won the geographical lottery.

The government provides citizens with essentially free education, healthcare, land for housing, and very cushy salaries – all funded by the hard work of Dubai’s huge foreign workforce. While expats slave away, Emiratis get to enjoy the good life. Think six-figure salaries for government jobs with little responsibility, luxury cars as gifts for getting married, and absurd cash handouts for having babies.

The revelations in this article may shock you. The amounts of money flowing to average Emirati families would make most Westerners blush. But in Dubai, it’s just the price of loyalty and the cost of keeping citizens happy in their desert oasis playground. The secrets are out – here’s how good the Emiratis of Dubai actually have it.

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Introduction: The Wealth and Opulence of Dubai

Dubai is a land of extravagance and affluence. As one of the richest cities in the world, Dubai citizens enjoy a lavish standard of living and salaries to match.

The Wealth of Dubai

Dubai’s wealth comes from its oil reserves and developing itself as a global financial hub and tourist destination. Dubai citizens benefit greatly from this wealth. The UAE has one of the highest GDPs per capita in the world, and Dubai citizens receive generous benefits from the government like free healthcare, education, land for housing, and more.

Many Dubai citizens work for the government or government-owned companies. The average monthly salary for a government employee is around $5,000 USD per month. However, higher-ranking government officials, doctors, engineers, and managers can make $20,000 USD per month or more.

Outside of government jobs, Dubai citizens work in finance, real estate, tourism, and retail. Salaries in these sectors also tend to be quite high. For example, the average salary for a banker in Dubai is over $10,000 USD per month. Real estate agents and managers can make $15,000 USD per month or higher.

In Dubai, there is no income tax for citizens. So, most of that high salary goes straight into their pockets. Dubai citizens are able to afford lavish homes, luxury cars, expensive holidays, and a lifestyle of leisure and opulence. For Dubai citizens, the city truly is a land of wealth, fortune, and prosperity.

How Dubai Citizens Get Paid: The Basics

As a citizen of Dubai, you’re entitled to earn an income and receive benefits from the government. Here’s how it works:

Most Dubai citizens are employed by the government and receive generous salaries and benefits. The average government salary is over $50,000 per year, tax-free, with additional bonuses, healthcare, retirement funds, and paid time off. Not too shabby!

Some citizens opt for private sector jobs. While the salaries may be lower, around $30,000 on average, the hours tend to be better. The trade-off is losing government benefits and job security. ###H3 Subheading

No matter the job, all citizens receive additional money and perks from the government.

  • Each citizen over 21 receives a yearly stipend of at least $55,000. Married couples get more.
  • The government provides land grants of up to 4,000 square feet to build a home, as well as home loans with low interest rates.
  • University education is free for citizens. The government even pays a stipend for living expenses.
  • The government subsidizes utilities like water, electricity, and gas. Citizens pay a fraction of the actual cost.
  • Healthcare, including surgeries and medications, is free for all citizens at government hospitals and clinics. Private insurance is also available at a discount.

With the government providing so generously for its people, it’s no wonder that Dubai citizens enjoy such a high standard of living and financial security. The perks of citizenship in this desert oasis are sweeter than dates—and that’s saying something!

Average Salaries for Dubai Locals

As a citizen of Dubai, you can expect to earn a good salary and benefits. According to recent reports, the average monthly salary for Dubai citizens is around $8,900 USD or 32,000 AED.

Government jobs

The majority of Dubai locals work in the public sector, with many employed by the Dubai government. Average salaries in the government sector range from $6,500 to $19,000 per month. Key roles like directors, managers, and engineers are paid on the higher end of the spectrum. Government entities also provide additional benefits like health insurance, paid time off, retirement plans, and job security.

Private sector jobs

More Dubai citizens are finding high-paying work in the private sector, especially in fields like banking, finance, real estate, tourism, and retail. Multinational companies typically pay the highest salaries, which can exceed $26,000 per month for leadership and executive level roles.

However, private sector jobs usually come with longer hours and less job security compared to government positions. Some may find the work-life balance and stability of the public sector more appealing.

While the cost of living in Dubai is high compared to other parts of the world, Dubai citizens earn wages that allow for a very comfortable standard of living. Generous government programs also provide citizens with benefits like free education, healthcare, land grants, and interest-free loans. When you factor in additional perks and subsidies, Dubai locals are able to thrive and prosper in this wealthy city.

Overall, Dubai citizens earn good pay and enjoy an enviable quality of life supported by a government committed to their well-being and prosperity. While actual salaries are kept private, reports show that on average, Dubai locals earn higher wages than most other populations around the globe.

The Highest-Paid Jobs for Emirati Nationals

As an Emirati citizen, you have access to some of the highest paying jobs in Dubai. Here are a few of the top career paths:

Government Work

Working for the Dubai government is very prestigious and provides an excellent salary and benefits. Jobs like directors, managers and advisors in government agencies or ministries can make upwards of $200,000 USD per year. These roles focus on areas like economic planning, education, healthcare, transportation and more.

Executives at Major Companies

Emirati nationals are given hiring priority for leadership roles at major Dubai companies, especially those in banking, real estate, and energy sectors. C-suite executives at these large firms, such as CEOs, CFOs and COOs, can make $300,000 USD or higher. These demanding positions oversee company operations and drive key business decisions.


Many Emirati citizens have found success as entrepreneurs, starting their own companies in Dubai. Building a business from the ground up is challenging work but offers significant financial upside. Successful Dubai entrepreneurs in areas like retail, hospitality, and tech have become millionaires by creating brands and services that serve the local market.


Emirati pilots, especially those flying for Emirates and Etihad, are very well compensated. According to recent reports, captains at Emirates make a base salary of $190,000 USD, plus bonuses and allowances of $80,000 USD or more. First officers still earn over $100,000 USD. These salaries make pilot one of the highest paying careers for UAE nationals.

The government provides Emirati citizens with many opportunities for high-paying, rewarding work. By gaining in-demand skills and experience in key industries like aviation, energy, banking or as entrepreneurs, you can land one of Dubai’s top jobs with an impressive salary and benefits package. The future is bright for Emirati professionals in Dubai!

Why Dubai Citizens Earn So Much: The Reasons Behind the High Salaries

Dubai citizens earn exceptionally high salaries for several reasons:

Generous welfare system

Dubai has a very generous welfare system for its citizens. The government provides citizens with many benefits like free healthcare, education, land for housing, and retirement funds. The high salaries are meant to supplement these benefits and provide citizens with a very high standard of living.

No income tax

Dubai does not have any income tax for individuals. So citizens get to keep their entire high salary. In most countries, income taxes make up a large percentage of a person’s salary. But in Dubai, citizens get to keep all of their earnings without paying any income tax.

Government jobs

Most Dubai citizens work in government jobs or government-owned companies. The government aims to provide citizens with stable, well-paying jobs. Government jobs in Dubai pay extremely well and provide additional benefits like long vacations, short work hours, and job security. The high pay and benefits attract many citizens to work in government roles.

Loyalty and retention

The generous salaries and benefits are also meant to retain citizens and keep them loyal to Dubai. By providing citizens with such a high standard of living and financial security, Dubai aims to maintain citizens’ allegiance and support. The government wants to keep its citizens happy and discourage them from leaving Dubai.


There is also an element of status attached to the high salaries of Dubai citizens. Large salaries are a symbol of Dubai’s wealth and success. Paying citizens generously highlights Dubai’s prosperity and helps cement its status as a global financial hub. The high standard of living for citizens also adds to Dubai’s prestige.

In summary, Dubai citizens earn high salaries due to Dubai’s welfare system, lack of income tax, government jobs, need to retain citizens’ loyalty, and desire to enhance its status. The salaries provide citizens with an exceptionally comfortable lifestyle in exchange for their allegiance to the state.

How Much Do Dubai Citizens Get Paid?


So there you have it, a revealing look at the eye-watering salaries and benefits enjoyed by native Emiratis in Dubai. While the lavish perks are unimaginable for most people, it’s easy to see why the government provides such generous incentives to keep citizens happy and loyal.

After all, in a city built by foreigners, native-born Emiratis are in the minority. For the rest of us, Dubai’s tax-free salaries and sunny weather will have to suffice. At least now you know the real numbers behind the gleaming skyscrapers and luxury cars. The next time you spot a flashy Emirati sports car zoom by, you can daydream about the oil money that fuels it.

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