How much do nurses make in Dubai?

Nursing is a noble vocation. Along with doctors who serve people day and night with lots of dedication, nurses play an essential role. With the rise of pandemics and diseases, there is a global demand for nursing. It is a skilled job that allows people to work overseas away from their locality.

Many countries across the world hire nurses from other countries with good pay and other valuable facilities and incentives. Dubai is one such country and is the best place for nurses. In Dubai, nursing is considered an essential job.

how much do nurses make in dubai

The current world has opened up many doors for nurses all over the globe. So is the situation in Dubai. The healthcare sector has become a crucial sector in the world. Nurses play an important role in serving society.


Who is a registered nurse?

Before trying your process of working abroad as a nurse, you must qualify as a registered nurse. A registered nurse has passed a nursing program or graduated from a recognized nursing school of their country adhering to their regulations. After that, you may receive a nursing license.

How to enter Dubai as a nurse?

To get here as a nurse, you must follow the required procedures. First, you have to qualify as your country’s relevant authority or college. Then you can look for vacancies on job platforms and other relevant websites. Also, you can contact and go through the process via an agent.

Also, special exams must be done to work in some sectors of government hospitals. The following are the types of exams that nurses willing to work in Dubai can take part in.

  • Dubai health care city (DHCC)
  • Dubai health authority (DHA)
  • Heath authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD)
  • Ministry of Health (MoH)

If you take one of these exams, you will be qualified to work as a licensed nurse in the whole of UAE. Previously the rule was to take the relevant exam of the particular area to work in that area. But the rules are flexible now.

Also, to work as a nurse here, they expect a minimum of 2 years of work experience. Moreover, even if you aren’t a licensed nurse, you can work as a healthcare assistant in hospitals, clinics, and medical centers.

What is the work duration?

Since this is an essential job, your days off might vary depending on where you work. Friday and Saturday are weekends here in Dubai. Work shifts will differ, sometimes starting from 8 hours, 9 hours, and 12 hours.


How much do nurses earn in Dubai?

The nurses’ salaries here depend on various factors like work experience and qualification level. The following data will give you a rough idea of nurses’ salaries in Dubai.

  • School nurse – AED 4000-9000 Monthly
  • Dental nurse – AED 6000-9000 Monthly
  • Aesthetic nurse – AED 7000-15000 Monthly
  • Private hospital nurse – AED 4000-8000 Monthly
  • Government hospital nurse – AED 6000-15000 Monthly
  • Home care nurse – AED 5000-9000 Monthly

One of the best things for ex-pats here is that they are exempted from paying taxes. That is an excellent advantage of working in middle eastern countries.

how much do nurses make in dubai


You might wonder whether it is pursuing to work as a nurse in Dubai. Of course, it is. Because you will be paid well and you can save a significant amount, depending on the lifestyle and cost of living.

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