Introduction on How much do taxis cost in Dubai?

When it comes to Dubai, the main thing we realize is shopping. Though it is expensive to do shopping here in Dubai, the quality is pretty high. But can you even imagine an instance of shopping in a sweating climate? Shopping with tiredness and sweat will be awful. So instead of walking, we can choose a taxi as our mode of transportation. And today, I am here to share some facts on how much taxis cost in Dubai. how much do taxis cost in Dubai

How much do taxis cost in Dubai?

Many factors affect the cost of the taxi. The primary and foremost thing is the distance to travel. And the next thing is the type of taxi you select. The last thing is the time that you travel.

So, let’s dive deeper. 

Distance to travel. 

When talking about distance, there are two main parts short and long. short trips are a journey that we can travel within a four-mile radius of the airport. In other words, it is reaching any of the travel destinations near the airport we landed in less than twenty years, such as short trips in Dubai. Hatta, Al Ain, Sharjah, and Fujairah are excellent examples of short trips. 

 And long trips are trips with 50 miles and above. There are many places to travel for days in Dubai. So, all the other destinations come under the long trips. 

How much do taxis cost in Dubai for the trip based on distance?

No matter if it is long or short. Trips are the only thing that I love. To find the rates of taxis directly, you can try the official website of DTA. There they provide a taxi fee calculator that makes your travel easier. 

Types of taxi

The taxi’s cost highly varies depending on the taxi type you select. There are many types of taxis. 

Regular taxi

The basic and the most affordable taxi is the regular taxi. These taxis are usually in white or beige colors. The cost of the ride is based on the distance traveled in these metered taxis. The initial fare is around $3, and the additional charge per kilometer is about $0.50. 

Luxury taxi

The luxury taxi, which comes in black or silver, is another kind of taxi service in Dubai. These taxis are more expensive and provide a more opulent ride than regular taxis. Something around $7 is the initial charge for a luxury taxi, and $1.16 is the rate per each additional kilometer.

Airport Taxi service

Another taxi you can use in Dubai is the Airport Taxi service. You can use the Dubai Airport Taxi service to get to or from the airport. These taxis provide a flat rate depending on the destination and are accessible around the clock. From Dubai International Airport to Downtown Dubai, a taxi ride will cost you about AED 50–60, approximately $13.61–$16.33.

Dubai metro

The Dubai Metro is a rapid transit network connecting different city parts. It is an additional option for getting to and from the airport. Depending on the distance traveled, a one-way ticket on the Dubai Metro costs between AED 2 and 7. This amount costs around $0.54 to $1.90. However, if you have a lot of luggage or are traveling in a group, the Dubai Metro might not be as convenient as a taxi.

So, with these types of taxis, you can have a more comfortable travel and shopping experience in Dubai. And before selecting any taxi, make sure to check whether they are registered with Dubai taxi corporation.  

Tips for selecting a taxi in Dubai. 

Here are some tips on selecting a suitable taxi. First, only ride in metered taxis with a Dubai Roads and Transport Authority license (RTA). By doing this, you can avoid paying too much for your transportation

Avoid the taxi line at busy locations like malls and tourist hotspots if you are traveling during peak hours. Instead, walk a few blocks away from the crowd and then call a cab.

In Dubai, taxis must calculate the fare using meters, so make sure the driver does so. Get out of the taxi and look for another one if the driver won’t use the meter.

Avoid using taxis at rush hour: Taxis are more expensive, and the traffic is heavier, so try to avoid using them if you can.

Know where you’re going: Be sure to know the address and name of your destination before boarding a taxi. You can avoid misunderstandings or confusion with the driver by doing this.

So try to be more tactful when selecting a taxi because they must suit you and your budget. So don’t keep more pressure on selecting the best for you. 

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