IMG worlds of adventure are Dubai’s first-ever mega indoor theme park. This park is a must-visit place; add it to your bucket list if you plan a trip to Dubai. Your kids will love this place, and this park will give them infinite memories. Why only them? You will also have loads of fun to enjoy with your family.

This park is divided into seven adventure zones. Two of them are the world-famous marvel and cartoon network. We will look deeper into what this adventure park offers you.

This theme park is there for you 365 days a year. The opening hours will be 12 PM to 10 PM from Monday to Friday. Saturdays will be open from 11 AM to 11 PM, while Sundays will be open from 11 AM to 10 PM. There can be changes in timings if the park management decides.

IMG Worlds of Adventure


Adventure Rides

Get a thrilling experience and feel the blood run through your veins.

  • The Haunted Hotel – You will meet all sorts of scary creatures and characters in this hotel. Once you enter, you cannot leave quickly. Finding the exit is your task, and you will have to put a lot of effort into that. This is for everyone above 15 years.
  • Avengers Battle – Join the team of avengers and help them battle out the villain Ultron.
  • Spider-Man – Swing through the city of marvel with the web-slinger. Battle together with spider man to save the city.
  • Hulk Epsilon – Experience a 3D-360-degree ride with the Hulk to battle.
  • Thor Thunder Spin – Get along with the dizzying physic experiments.

Above are very few of the adventure rides available. There are many more exciting rides. Choose your favorite and enjoy a thriller.

Adventure Zones

You will find all your favorite adventure cartoon zones in this park.


The world-renowned Marvel zone will leave you speechless, whether you are a marvel fan or not. You will have a 3D experience where you are together with marvel heroes.

  • Avengers battle of Ultron
  • Hulk epsilon base 3D
  • Spiderman Doc Ock’s revenge
  • Thor thunder spin
  • Avengers flight of the quintets are the marvel adventures available at the IMG worlds of adventure.

Lost Valley

Lost valley at the IMG worlds of adventure is a dinosaur park. This is a zone with dinosaur adventure.

  • The velociraptor
  • Forbidden territory
  • Predator
  • Dino carousel
  • Adventure fortress is some fantastic Dino zones at the park.

Cartoon Network

How to miss this zone? Hearing the name itself makes us go there. All your favorite cartoons are set to come alive here. You and your kids will have the best time at this CN zone, at IMG worlds of adventure.

  • The Powerpuff girls
  • Ben 10 5D hero time
  • The amazing ride of Gumball
  • Lazy towns are the famous CN adventures you can explore.

There are some requirements to enter certain games. Maximum height is a significant point to enter. Please know the details before you visit.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG Boulevard

This adventure zone for all ages is mixed with fun and thrilling experiences.

  • Popcorn factory
  • Boulevard gourmet
  • Samosa House
  • Flavors of Arabia
  • The coffee house
  • Bean stop
  • Waffles on wheels are in this boulevard of IMG worlds of adventure.

You can treat your taste buds while visualizing wonders.

IMG Kids Zone

This is an inflatable kids’ playground. This is a soft and fun area for toddlers and below. Climbing walls, football pitches, slides, and sweepers are available for them.


You can get a cinema experience at the IMG worlds of adventure. Your kids can get an all-in-one experience here.


The dining experience at this park allows you to dine with your favorite marvel or cartoon network characters.

  • Tony’s Skydeck
  • Chang’s golden dragon
  • Mama scans of Yancy street
  • Downtown shawarma
  • Churro & Pretzel station
  • Hotdog express
  • Captain scoop
  • Popping popcorn is the marvel adventure restaurant for you.

The following are the cartoon network dining experiences.

  • CN feast
  • Mr. Smoothy
  • Richards around the world café
  • Finn & Jake’s – everything Burrito
  • The candy palace
  • Crepe construction zone
  • Powerpuff ice-cream parlor
  • Sports candy station
  • Spice valley
  • Carnivore hut
  • Fruit station


Take back something with you in remembrance of all the fun you had. Branded products of superheroes and cartoon characters are available at the exclusive marvel and cartoon network outlets.

Paying a visit to the IMG worlds of adventure and the experience will give you tons of memories with adventurous experiences. Enjoy it with your family.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

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