Is Facetime banned in Dubai? Yes, it is. It is only possible to think of a life with communication. To stay in touch with loved ones, we utilize a variety of social media platforms and messengers. The apps like Face time are a good option for this. But the sad news is it is restricted in Dubai. But not only in Dubai. It is restricted in many countries like Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.


Is Facetime banned in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the cities in the United Arab Emirates(UAE). And UAE is a country with strict laws. According to the law in UAE, Voice over Ip (VoIP) services are restricted. Made this decision to safeguard local telecom companies from losing market share due to competition from the services mentioned earlier. This law has been in Dubai since 2003.

Why is Facetime banned in Dubai?

There are some reasons for this ban.Facetime

  • Security risks

The potential security risk is the main reason for the restriction on Facetime. Although the app is encrypted, there have been reports of hackers accessing user data, including personal information and credit card numbers.

End-to-end encryption used by FaceTime isn’t always reliable, which means that if one user’s device is compromised, they could overhear the other user’s conversation.

  • Unexpected Collection of data

FaceTime is another example of Apple’s history of gathering user data. The business keeps track of who users talk to, how frequently they do it, and how long they talk. Then, this data may be exposed to outside parties or used to advertise to specific users. A ban on FaceTime would help safeguard users’ data because this data collection raises serious privacy concerns.

  • Unavailability of parental controls

Due to the limited controls FaceTime provides, parents have little influence over the people their children are chatting with. You can block some contacts, and it’s only sometimes possible to see who your child is speaking to on the phone.

This might put you in risky predicaments like chatting up random people or seeing offensive material.

  • Lack of moderation.

FaceTime lacks monitoring or moderation features, unlike several other video calling applications. This implies that one can understand offensive or inappropriate content without suffering consequences or drawing attention to it.

Furthermore, there is no method for reporting inappropriate behaviors or restricting access to offensive users.

  • Uncontrolled Content

Last but not least, there are no restrictions on the content of FaceTime. According to this, anybody can share any information they want, regardless of whether it is appropriate or not.

This may harm users, especially children, and result in unlawful or hazardous content sharing.

  • Legal concerns

Depending on the type of content shared via FaceTime, using the app in Dubai may result in legal repercussions. Any material deemed offensive or inappropriate, such as pornographic material that is insulting to Islam or the UAE, threats to public order, or material that compromises national security, may be subject to legal action.

  • Cultural concerns

Due to the limited use of FaceTime in Dubai, there is a chance for cultural miscommunication and ambiguity. There could be misunderstandings due to people’s discomfort with video calls and lack of familiarity with FaceTime’s features and functions.

Alternatives for Facetime in Dubai.

Though Face time is banned in Dubai, there are many other alternatives for video calls:


  • Available for all apple devices, android devices and PCs.
  • Availability of free audio and video options.
  • Availability of group call facility.


  • Available for all apple devices, android devices and PCs.
  • Availability of free audio and video options.
  • Screen share facility available.
  •  File sharing and instant messaging are available.


  • Can be handled with Pc and mobile devices.
  • Can make an international call for low rates.

Google hangouts

  • Both desktop and mobile devices can download the app for free.
  • Users of Google Hangouts can make free international video calls to anyone with a Google account from their computers and mobile devices.
  • Group video calls, text messages, and instant messaging are additional features that Google Hangouts provides.


  • Another well-liked video calling app in Dubai is Viber.
  • Both desktop and mobile devices can use the free app.
  • Users of Viber can make free international video calls to anyone with a Viber.

Still, if you need to use Facetime, you can try a Virtual Private Network (VPN). There are many VPNs that you can download from the app store. So, the choice is yours!

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