Motiongate Dubai is Dubai Parks and Resort’s Largest Hollywood-inspired flagship theme park in the middle east. Motiongate Dubai is a must-see for thrill seekers looking for jaw-dropping shows, adrenaline-pumpkin rides, and endless movie-themed fun! From gravity-defying rides like The Hunger Games Capitol Bullet Train to immersive attractions like Kung Fu Panda: Unstoppable Awesomeness, there’s something for everyone. 

You can simply have some fun and take epic photos inside the massive (air-conditioned) DreamWorks Zone. The park’s five themed zones are straight out of the movies. – just like the delicious collection of eateries and an incredible array of exclusive movie merchandise and memorabilia – will truly spoil little, significant, and medium-sized children alike. Anyone who has visited Motiongate Dubai and experienced the thrills and excitement will undoubtedly return.


Motiongate Dubai School Trips is another noteworthy feature. Immerse your students in Theme Parks at MOTIONGATE Dubai, where you can go beyond the classroom walls to make lessons come to life! Their exciting collection of educational programs is designed to take your students behind the scenes and show them real-life applications of Mathematics, Science, and Technology, as well as designing a theme park and learning how to cook, all in the exciting and fun setting of a world-class theme park.

If you want to enjoy a great birthday party, Motiongate Dubai is the place to go. With unlimited access to all rides and attractions, four themed restaurants to choose from for your private birthday area, a cake-cutting ceremony, character meet-and-greets, and a slew of other excellent add-ons, your birthday party will be one to remember. Your birthday party at MOTIONGATE Dubai will be the most memorable day of your life!

Here are a few attractions considered must-sees for anybody visiting Motiongate Dubai. 

Motiongate Dubai may become crowded, so it’s best to reserve your tickets online in advance to ensure a spot. 


Top 7 Attractions that you should not miss at Motiongate Dubai


Roll to win on this thrilling spin coaster as you assist the Horsemen in one of their most daring heists. Misdirection is essential for uncovering some of the most critical secrets around you. Remember, the closer you have a look, the less you will see!


This ride is based on the iconic television series The Hunger Games, and the concept makes you feel as if you’re playing the game itself. If you are a great fan of this movie, you should not miss this.


This jam-packed frill coaster combines a dark ride with a thrilling roller coaster. You join your favorite Madagascar characters as you become the main event at the next circus. This ride features a unique launch as you are shot with a cannon into the circus. You are hurled into flaming hoops, and all sorts of headbangers are present, so if you want to have a good time, head down to Madagascar Mad Suit today.



The only drop tower in the park, but what a drop tower it is. If you’ve ever wanted to be launched up in the air only to tumble back down, look no further because this ride is definitely up your alley. You’ll be shouting and laughing as you’re propelled into the air. What makes this journey so enjoyable is that you can enjoy spectacular views of Dubai while in the air.


If you are a fan of the world-famous blue figure The Smurfs or looking for a spot to ride a family-friendly roller coaster, here is the place to be. This Smurfing trip takes you through the Smurfs’ movie sets. On this ride, you will board your vehicle and then blast off into the Smurftastic adventure as you go about and meet many of the Smurfs. A visit to Motiongate Dubai is only complete if you experience the Smurfing attraction.


Similar to your laser game attraction from all around the world. At Motiongate Dubai, you must surrender and assist the Ghostbusters in saving the Big Apple. It would be inappropriate for them not to go on a shooting ride. Not only can you explore the world of Ghostbusters, but you can also compete against your pals. Throughout the battle, you will encounter various varieties of Ghosts, but nothing compares to the final battle when you face the state Puff Marshmallow guy, which is quite a struggle.


This journey allows you to tour a hotel home to some of the most bizarre species. The entire environment surrounding you is closely themed to the film series, ensuring you are entirely engaged in the plot.



Plan your exciting day out and make the most of the Middle East’s largest Hollywood-inspired theme park!

A hot air balloon ride over the vast desert and enjoying a sunrise will also be a mesmerizing memory. Read more!


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