The city of Dubai is well known for its stunning architecture and unique global icons. Museum of the Future is a creation that has gone beyond the imaginary level. It is one of the recent landmarks added to the city. It was opened on 22nd February 2022. This building is 225 meters tall.
Rather than saying it is a museum, we can call it a portal to the future. It is considered to be the world’s most beautiful building. This creation aims to promote technological development and innovation, considering robotics and artificial intelligence.

They aim for a sustainable future to inspire and empower people to bring positive change. This building is an icon of the new age showcasing an architectural and engineering marvel. It bridges the past and future through traditional arts and advanced technologies. The building is circular shaped, representing humanity, and sits on a green mound representing the earth.

You can notice in the Museum the positive culture UAE had throughout its developmental years, including the spirit of courage, optimism, and innovation that brought UAE to become one of the most advanced nations in the world.

Museum of the Future


Is This an Ordinary Museum?

The Museum of the future is far from the typical Museum showcasing things behind velvet ropes. This is a gateway to the future world uniquely designed by excellent designers, artists, and filmmakers.
The recurring thoughts are expanded and set up for the future and themselves.

Where Does the Museum Take You?

It takes you to the year 2071.

Experience the Museum

The Museum of the Future will thrill you and bring your senses alive through its creative thoughts and expansive ideas.

A New Moon

A space station 600km above the earth is designed to show how the moon could be transformed into a renewable energy source for the entire planet.

Museum of the Future

New Explorers

Learn about the community pioneers living and working in a space station. Study and know about what they invent and discover a new world.

A Digital Amazon

Here you can witness the wonders of our beloved nature. Get yourself lost in the digitally recreated amazon forest, see the play of thousands of species, and learn about the things that are invisible to the naked eye.

Library of Life

This is a DNA library of thousands of species. You can also contribute and participate in the global effort to repair the damages of climate change.
Revive Your Senses
Revive your senses by visiting the future of wellness. Disconnect yourself from technology and travel to a sanctuary to explore a center for the human senses. Reconnect to your body, mind, and spirit away from the digital world.

Museum of the Future

View the World with New Eyes

Beneath the dome of light and water, get immersed in electromagnetic vibrations to restore the natural rhythm.

Plan Your Visit

The Museum of the future is open daily for visitors from 10 AM to 6 PM. The last entry could be one hour before the closure.
Entry tickets cost AED 145 for everyone above three years. After three years, it is free of charge.

Visiting this future gateway, you can think of what the next decade could bring you. The way we live today and the technologies we have today are not what was available 10 years ago. So, what will be available in the forthcoming 10 years is beyond our expectations.
But this beautiful place has been designed well with other leading technology partners worldwide.

Future Heroes

Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. They are our future heroes. The Museum of the future has a space for children focused on future skills. This space gives the experience to imagine, design, and build. Allows playing and learning through activities that encourage communication, creativity, and collaboration skills.

The children at future heroes will be given chances to participate in several missions. A limited time will be given to overcome and finish the tasks. The games and plays are without screens, and that will encourage their critical thinking, courage, and confidence.

The kids will be rewarded badges for their participation. They can collect as much as they want by participating in activities such as helping, solving problems, and creating something new.

What Other Activities Have at the Museum of Future?

In 2022, the Museum of the Future hosted its first-ever summer camp. Hopefully, there will be more exciting and fun-filled events in the future for everyone to enjoy.

Museum of the Future

Visiting the Museum of the future, which is also a gateway to the future, will give you a splendid experience to remember with its immersive, gigantic screens, interactive displays, and other themed attractions. You will feel that you are in a different world, 50 years ahead. Moreover, you will learn and know how to preserve mother earth for a better future.

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