One of the world’s most distinctive cities, Dubai, is incredibly simple to explore with a rental car. You can freely explore Dubai and travel to other UAE regions if you rent a car in Dubai. Taxis will also cost you much less!

To assist you in maximizing your time in this fantastic city, here are our suggestions for renting a car in Dubai.

We have frequently traveled to Dubai and rented a car, even if it’s just a brief stopover for a few days.


Why Rent a Car in Dubai?

If you drive, you can make the most of your time in Dubai and spend less on transportation. Due to Dubai’s large number of rental car companies, the rates are incredibly affordable by international standards, and the vehicles are of excellent quality. By renting a car in Dubai, you can also travel easily to other locations in the United Arab Emirates, such as Abu Dhabi and its Grand Mosque.

Here are the steps:

Booking a Car

In Dubai, the car is king, so you’ll need a vehicle to get around. The freedom of having a rental car in Dubai is that you can go wherever and whenever you want. It lowers the cost of taxis and airport transfers and increases the number of available lodging options.

Type of Car

The number of people at your party and the amount of luggage you bring determine the size of your car. Any rental car option will work for you because Dubai has excellent roads. We typically rent a larger vehicle because it’s much more comfortable in the Dubai climate, and they are only marginally more expensive.

Make sure the car you purchase has good air conditioning. Even in the winter, temperatures in Dubai are in the high 20s °C, with summer temperatures typically averaging 41°C/100°F. You’ll be much more comfortable if your rental car has good AC!

About Insurance

Standard insurance is typically included in the rental rates per car in Dubai, but only sometimes. It is best to purchase Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) insurance if the car rental company of your choice only provides a standard insurance package. It will offer coverage if you are involved in an accident and your rental car is damaged.

Check with your credit card company before your trip to see if the CDW is covered. Make sure your card provider offers rental coverage in Dubai.Dubai

The good thing is We can drive on the right-hand side, just like in the USA. Also, renting car services are available in Dubai for foreign tourists. In Dubai, anyone over 18 can operate a vehicle, but foreign tourists must be at least 21 to rent a vehicle in the United Arab Emirates.

Road signs and Navigation

Dubai has good-quality roads and clear Arabic and English road signs for directions. It can be challenging to locate the entrances to malls and attractions due to the road configurations and multiple lanes. With a navigation app like Google Maps, it’s straightforward.

Tips for driving in Dubai

Here are some of the best recommendations for how to drive in Dubai based on our many positive driving experiences there.

  • Once you steer clear of the area during rush hour, driving is effortless.

We advise maintaining calm and biting your tongue no matter what you encounter or observe while driving. Avoid getting into verbal fights or using forbidden gestures with your hands because of both can (and often do) land visitors in trouble with the authorities.

  • In the UAE, urban roads have speed limits of 40 to 60 km/h, though the police have marked them slower.

You may see one of the police supercars, which include Ferraris and Audi R8s, owned by Dubai police on the city’s roads.

  • Most hotels in Dubai offer complimentary parking and valet parking for guests’ rental cars. Dubai’s Roads and Transportation Authority (RTA) uses a pay-as-you-go system for on-street parking. There are fines associated with attempting to park overnight. The cost of parking varies depending on where you park, and while parking meters exist for issuing tickets, the RTA parking app is more straightforward.
  • Driving is generally permitted throughout the UAE, and between the Emirates is simple. The Grand Mosque, the Louvre, the theme parks on Yas Island, and the Al Ain Oasis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are among the attractions.
  • There are no toll booths in Dubai, so driving is continuous and hassle-free. Instead, the Salik toll collection system is used in Dubai to collect tolls, which deducts AED 4 from your prepaid toll account. The system will register your license plate each time you pass through the toll. On the official website, you can find where each toll station is located.
  • All gas stations have attendants who fill the cars with fuel without requiring you to exit your vehicle. Although cards were accepted everywhere we’ve refueled, cash is also an option.
  • In Dubai, the roads are of excellent quality. The UAE has a perfect motorway system, and the secondary roads are high quality.
  • For residents and visitors, additional documentation is needed to rent a car in the United Arab Emirates. Visitors from South Korea, Slovakia, Japan, and Quebec (a province in eastern Canada with a large French-speaking population) must present photocopies of their original licenses. Dubai allows foreign nationals with valid driving licenses to operate vehicles on the city’s roads.

Now you know the procedure of getting your car rented and the way of driving. So have a happy vacation in Dubai.


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