What can you not do in Dubai? We know that Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Dubai constantly competes with itself to attract tourists to a dream-like world of attractions. This drive is evident in the city’s landmarks, shopping malls, and hotels. Although it strictly adheres to its traditional Islamic roots, it makes room for other religions, a rare trait in the conservative Arab world. Fortunately, it has succeeded in protecting itself from extremism, making it one of the safest places to visit in the Middle East.

Dubai is one of the safest cities in the Middle East for tourists. Because of its stricter laws, crime is kept to a minimum, and many tourists feel much safer in Dubai than elsewhere. Dubai has a much lower crime rate than comparable countries in other regions.

Visitors are cordially invited to the Emirate of Dubai. However, it also expects certain behaviors from visitors. If you are planning a vacation in Dubai, you should be aware that the culture of this emirate is unique. Accept this fact and make an effort to respect the local culture.

what can you not do in dubai


Do not wear revealing or inappropriate clothing.

When visiting Dubai, it is necessary to dress respectfully. It suggests that you should dress appropriately for the location to which you are traveling. Avoid wearing transparent, provocative, immodest garments, insulting, or exposing in public. Swimwear or bikinis are only permitted in pools, water parks, and beaches. Women should avoid wearing deep-necked outfits.

Aside from that, wearing loose, modest clothing can help you stay comfortable in Dubai’s hot and dry climate.

Do not use your left hand.

Avoid garnering glances from locals by not using your left hand while being introduced to someone. This also applies when opening doors or handing someone anything; you may only sip water with your left hand. Many people dislike this behavior since, before the invention of toilet paper and flushing water, left hands were used to “clean up,” therefore it is still regarded as unclean and untidy. Those who are left-handed should aim to be ambidextrous while in Dubai if only to show due respect to natives while greeting or serving them.

Do not Take Photographs without Permission.

According to cybercrime legislation, taking images of someone without their permission is a violation in the UAE. No matter how intense the desire is, do not catch the locals via your camera lenses. Photographing residents, particularly ladies, is frowned upon in Dubai. Visitors should also avoid looking at local women for too long, engaging in inappropriate dialogue with them, or pestering them. Avoid publishing such images on social media because residents may sue the photographer.

Do not Bring All your Medicines.

The UAE has a strict anti-drug policy. Therefore prescription medications and illegal narcotics are not permitted in the country. Those traveling with anxiety medicine should carry it correctly, along with the doctor’s prescription. Many tourists are unaware of the harsh drug laws in the Middle East and frequently violate warning signs. Airports are always on high alert, and if you breach the regulation and are found, you might face up to four years in prison. It’s not a beautiful sight on holiday, so check the UAE’s official website to see which drugs are approved and which are not. And, if you need to take medication, remember to have the prescription with you.

what can you not do in dubai

Do not bring Prohibited Items.

When traveling to Dubai, you must be careful when packing because not everything is permitted in the country. To begin, if you want to read throughout your travel, avoid packing novels with adult material and women’s fashion magazines. Following that, you must not carry any Israeli-made products, and you must not carry any bacon or pork products.

Do Not Disrespect The Royals In Public

When visiting a new place, you are compelled to form ideas, and if you are visiting Dubai for the first time, you may have some thoughts about the culture, the royal family, and the laws of the country. Yes, that is natural, but you should not openly discuss them. It is not acceptable to openly mock, criticize, or abuse the Royal family, politics, culture, laws, or religion in public in Dubai. Even if you were unaware, it is treated extremely seriously, and a defaulter might face harsh penalties.

Do not make Public Displays of Affection in Public Areas.

PDA is one of the many things you cannot do in Dubai. Holding hands, hugging, and kissing in public is considered socially improper in Dubai, and if caught, you might face jail time. Even kissing in public might land a couple in jail. As a result, when in Dubai, it is best to avoid any type of PDA. The rule extends to all city public venues, including bars and clubs. Hugging a friend or acquaintance of the other gender is also frowned upon in Dubai. As a result, many foreigners have already suffered. Do not go on the bandwagon. This is one of the most important things to avoid in Dubai.

Do Not Drink In Public

Here is a main topic for what can you not do in Dubai? While the United Arab Emirates has several clubs and bars that serve alcohol, visitors should be careful not to drink alcohol in public. Whether you want to hold a can of beer in public and sip it on your way to the next stop or simply hang out with your buddies while drinking alcohol, Dubai is not the place for you. Drinking is not permitted in any such venues where no shop sells alcohol. Staying intoxicated in public and drinking in public is illegal under the law, and violating either will result in sanctions and jail time.

Avoid Eating In Public During Ramadan

If you are visiting Dubai during the holy month of Ramadan, you should be aware that it is prohibited to eat, drink, or smoke in public from day to sundown when the city’s Muslims are fasting. No, you are not permitted to eat or chew gum in public. During Ramadan, you are not banned from drinking or eating. Furthermore, no one expects you to fast all day. Of course, you can eat at your hotel whenever you want. Other eateries are covered but open. You may eat well in such venues.

Children and pregnant women are permitted to eat, but avoiding offending anybody is essential. Just don’t drink or eat in public before nightfall. You may also join the locals for iftar, which means breaking a fast once the sun goes down.

Unmarried Couples aren’t Allowed to Stay in a Hotel Together

Dubai adheres to Sharia Law, which governs people’s social activities and lifestyles. Living together or in a live-in relationship is illegal in this country and hence cannot be done by anybody. In other words, you cannot live with your so-called partner without first marrying, and if you wish to live together as a couple, you must first marry.

what can you not do in dubai


Don’t allow all of the regulations to damper your joyful enthusiasm. Vacation in Dubai, believe us! Good luck! It is a lively, diverse, and pleasant city that welcomes visitors with open arms. You must respect the people’s faith, culture, and laws while not crossing the line, and you’ll be OK. Hope we have covered you with the answer for your question, what can you not do in Dubai?

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