What If My Girlfriend Gets Pregnant In Dubai? – Introduction

What If My Girlfriend Gets Pregnant In Dubai?

So, your girlfriend’s pregnant in Dubai and you’re freaking out. First, take a deep breath and try to stay calm. This isn’t the end of the world. While the laws in Dubai are different, that doesn’t mean this situation is hopeless. The key is getting the right information and support. This article will walk you through exactly what you and your girlfriend need to know to navigate this challenging time in a foreign country.

From understanding your legal rights and healthcare options to planning next steps, you’ve got this. Millions of expats live happily in Dubai, and many start families there too. With the right knowledge and by following the proper procedures, you and your girlfriend can get through this difficult experience together. This may not have been the plan, but you’re in this as a team now.

Stay strong for each other, do your research, and take things day by day. Before you know it, you’ll be holding your little bundle of joy.

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Understanding Dubai’s Laws on Premarital Sex and Pregnancy

If your girlfriend gets pregnant in Dubai, you’ll want to understand the laws regarding premarital sex and pregnancy. Dubai is a conservative country, so sex outside of marriage is illegal. However, the government recognizes that accidents happen.

Pregnancy options

If your girlfriend becomes pregnant, you have a few options:

  • Marriage: The preferred option is for you to marry your girlfriend. This will make the premarital sex and resulting pregnancy lawful in the eyes of the government. You’ll need to provide a marriage certificate to avoid legal issues.
  • Deportation: If marriage is not an option, your girlfriend may be deported. The UAE reserves the right to deport foreigners who become pregnant out of wedlock. Make sure you both have passports and funds in order to leave quickly if needed.
  • Abortion: Abortion is illegal in Dubai unless the pregnancy endangers the mother’s life. Do not attempt to obtain an illegal abortion, as there are serious penalties if caught. Seek medical care for your girlfriend’s health and safety.
  • Adoption: Adoption by Emirati citizens is very rare in Dubai. The chances of finding adoptive parents are slim. Prepare to care for the child yourself or make arrangements to place the baby for adoption in your home country.

The most important thing is to get your girlfriend proper medical care right away. Seek advice from doctors on the best options in your situation while also staying within the confines of Dubai’s laws. With open communication and the right decisions, you can get through this difficult time together.

Available Options if Your Girlfriend Gets Pregnant in Dubai

If your girlfriend finds out she’s pregnant while in Dubai, try to stay calm. You have options and resources to consider.


If she chooses to terminate the pregnancy, abortion is only legal in Dubai up to 120 days (about 4 months) from conception. The procedure must be done in a hospital or clinic, and consent from the woman and her husband or guardian is required.


Adoption is permitted in Dubai, but the child must be placed with a Muslim family. The adoption process can take 6-18 months and requires a guardian’s consent.


If you want to raise the child together, marriage may be the best path. Non-Muslim men can marry Muslim women in Dubai, but you’ll need to convert to Islam and the marriage must be officially registered. The marriage process typically takes 3-6 months.

  • Obtain a certificate of conversion to Islam and a certificate of eligibility for marriage for the woman.
  • Undergo an official marriage registration at a Dubai court.
  • Apply for a marriage license and schedule a ceremony.

Raising the Child in Dubai

If marriage isn’t an option but you both want to raise your child in Dubai, know that the law favors the mother in child custody and guardianship. As the baby’s father, you would still have rights to visitation, but the level of access can vary. It may also impact your ability to stay in Dubai long-term. Consider speaking to a Dubai-based legal professional to better understand your rights and options.

With open communication and the right legal advice, you can work through this challenging situation together. Dubai law aims to protect all parties involved, so take things step by step and don’t lose hope!

Healthcare and Support for Pregnant Girlfriends

If your girlfriend becomes pregnant while visiting or living in Dubai, it’s important to understand how healthcare and support systems work in the UAE. Dubai provides high-quality prenatal and postnatal care, but the process can differ from other countries.


Dubai has excellent private hospitals and clinics, so your girlfriend will have access to top-notch prenatal care, tests, and screening. However, healthcare in Dubai is not free. Make sure you both have comprehensive health insurance to cover costs. If not, private prenatal care and delivery can cost between $3,000 to $10,000.

Public hospitals do provide more affordable care but often have long wait times and less personal attention. It may be worth investing in private care for the duration of the pregnancy and delivery.

Pregnancy Restrictions

Some normal activities may be restricted for pregnant women in Dubai due to cultural and religious norms. For example, unmarried pregnant women cannot share a hotel room with their partner. It’s also illegal to have a home birth or deliver at a birthing center. All babies must be delivered at a hospital.


In Dubai, support for new mothers comes mostly from private nurses, nannies, and mothers’ groups. Make sure your girlfriend connects with other expectant mothers, whether expat or local. They can provide advice and help her navigate Dubai’s system. You should also consider hiring a postnatal nurse or nanny to assist in the first months after birth.

While Dubai provides high-quality medical care during pregnancy and delivery, support structures common in Western countries are less available. Do your research, get the necessary insurance and paperwork in order, and build a strong support system around your girlfriend. With the right planning and care, she can have a safe pregnancy and delivery in Dubai.

Advice for Unmarried Couples Living Together in Dubai

If you and your girlfriend are living together in Dubai and she becomes pregnant, there are a few things you should know to help support each other during this time.

Unmarried couples face legal issues

As an unmarried couple in Dubai, you won’t have the same legal rights as a married couple regarding the pregnancy and child. The law does not recognize a child born to unmarried parents, so you will have trouble adding the baby to health insurance or getting legally recognized parental leave. You may face issues with hospital visitation rights as well. Consider consulting with a lawyer to understand your options.

Consider temporary marriage

Some unmarried couples in Dubai pursue a temporary “misyar” marriage to gain more rights during the pregnancy and with the child. A misyar marriage is a legal marriage under Sharia law but exempts certain responsibilities like cohabitation or financial support. The marriage can last as little as one month to one year. This option may provide health insurance, parental leave and custody benefits, but you would still not have the full rights of a traditionally married couple.

Plan ahead for the baby’s future

Discuss with your girlfriend what you both want for the baby in terms of religion, education and citizenship. Without legal rights as the father, you won’t automatically have a say in these decisions. Consider also talking to her family to come to an agreement together on the best way to care for the child, even if you are not married. This can help avoid future conflicts over custody or access.

The most important thing is to support each other during this challenging time. Do research, know your options, and try to compromise when you can. An unplanned pregnancy is difficult enough without having to navigate Dubai’s legal complexities. With open communication and a willingness to ask for help, you can get through this.

Frequently Asked Questions on Girlfriend Pregnancy in Dubai

So your girlfriend is pregnant in Dubai. What now? Here are some of the frequently asked questions about girlfriend pregnancy in Dubai and what you both need to know:

Will the pregnancy be covered by insurance?

Most health insurance plans in Dubai cover prenatal and pregnancy care. Make sure you both check with your insurance providers about the details of your coverage. Prenatal vitamins, doctor visits, ultrasounds, delivery, and hospital stays are often covered but there may be out-of-pocket costs.

Can she continue working during pregnancy?

In Dubai, pregnant women have certain employment rights and protections. As long as she has a doctor’s note that she is fit to work, she is allowed to continue employment during pregnancy and her job is protected for up to 90 days of maternity leave after delivery. However, some physically demanding jobs may require modifications or time off earlier in the pregnancy.

Will she need a special visa for the baby?

Once the baby is born, you will need to apply for a UAE residence visa for the newborn within 120 days. As the father, you will need to provide a copy of the baby’s birth certificate to sponsor the new visa. The process typically takes 3 to 6 weeks and fees apply.

Can she travel during pregnancy?

Travel during pregnancy is permitted up until about 36 weeks, as long as she has a doctor’s permission. However, air travel is not recommended after 32 weeks due to health risks. Make sure she walks regularly, stays hydrated, and gets up to stretch on long flights. It’s best for her to check with her doctor about any travel plans during pregnancy.

Where can you take parenting or birthing classes?

Birthing classes and parenting courses are offered at many hospitals and clinics in Dubai to help new parents prepare. Look into options at facilities like American Hospital Dubai, Mediclinic Welcare Hospital, and Emirates Hospital. The courses often cover things like what to expect during labor and delivery, pain management techniques, infant CPR, and newborn care.

What If My Girlfriend Gets Pregnant In Dubai?


So there you have it. If your girlfriend gets pregnant in Dubai, take a deep breath and try not to panic. The laws may be different, but you have options and resources to help you through this challenging situation. Talk to her, be there to support each other, and explore the choices together to determine what is the right path for your relationship and this new life you’ve created.

While the cultural expectations in Dubai are more conservative, don’t feel hopeless – many expats have navigated unplanned pregnancies and come out the other side. Stay positive, lean on others who care about you, and remember that you will get through this. A baby, whether planned or not, can be a blessing. Focus on that and the rest will fall into place. You’ve got this!

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