As the phrase suggests, the age of consent in Dubai or whichever country hints at permission. In general, minors are not allowed to enter into contracts (of sale, property ownership, partnership or marriage). Here the age of consent has a relationship with minors. A minor can be different from country to country depending on their prevailing laws. According to the universally accepted UN standards, the term minor refers to an individual under the age of 18 years. Over time, it has changed from 16 to 18 and 18 to 21 etc. At present, the definition of minor is as follows.


What is the UN definition of a minor child?

Age of Consent in Dubai
Age of Consent in Dubai

According to 42 US Code Section 619, a minor child is an individual under age 18 or under age 19 and is enrolled full-time as a student in secondary school (or an equivalent vocational or technical school).

As I mentioned earlier, minors lack social privileges like the right to vote and enter into contracts etc. Furthermore, they are not allowed to have sexual relationships with another, and if they breach that rule, they are subjected to punishments. The minors and those who engaged with them in committing an unauthorized act are binding to responsibility. 

Age of Consent in Dubai  

Irrespective of the UN’s legal age of consent, some countries may have different ages as the age of consent. Similarly, the age of consent in Dubai will be the central theme of this article. 

Age of Consent in Dubai
Age of Consent in Dubai

Various sources mention answers to the question, “What is the Age of Consent in Dubai?”. Some of them revealed that the age of consent in Dubai is not set particularly. However, the age of consent in Dubai for marriage or consumption of liquor will give a sound knowledge of the social practice in Dubai.  

Consequences of Breaching the Age of Consent in Dubai 

In our previous articles, we brought to your notice the things prohibited or illegal in DubaiSo, it is essential for you to have a good knowledge of the age of consent in Dubai too. In general, UAE law permits consensual sexual relationships between men and women who are not married and who are both over the age of 18, including extramarital partnerships. 

Age of Consent in Dubai
Age of Consent in Dubai

When a person becomes pregnant and gives birth to an unmarried child in the UAE, both partners must make sure that they get married, one of them must acknowledge the child, and both must provide travel documents and identification cards in accordance with the laws of their respective countries. This is necessary to obtain a local birth certificate. A woman who becomes pregnant before getting married may not have medical insurance coverage for a warning, parental supervision, judicial supervision, professional training, or psychiatric treatment. This is the main reason to speak with her insurance provider before giving birth in the UAE.

However, if either party’s spouse or parent/guardian files a criminal complaint, both parties are vulnerable to a prison sentence of at least six months in the case of an extramarital consenting sexual relationship.

If either of the people in the connection is under the age of 18, the other adult will be charged with having a sexual relationship with a minor. 

You will see how important this age of consent is in this situation. The adult is still responsible for the wrongdoing because the other party is a minor and hasn’t reached the legal age of consent, even though the minor consented to the elder to have a sexual relationship with her. Her age does not grant her the right to consent. Both parties will be prosecuted if they are under 18, but punishment will likely be limited to caution, parental supervision, judicial supervision, professional training or psychiatric treatment.

Do you know the United Arab Emirates Age of Consent?

According to some sources, there is no legal consent age in the United Arab Emirates because getting married is a prerequisite for engaging in sexual activity. There is, in fact, no age of consent between married people if there is no upper age limit for marriage. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you cannot find a there is no legal minimum age for consent because unmarried sexual activity is prohibited.

A close-in-age exemption does not exist in the United Arab Emirates. In the US, laws referred to as “Romeo and Juliet laws” or “close in age exemptions” are put in place to protect people who engage in consensual sexual activity with someone who is either younger than them or significantly older than them from prosecution.

Age of Consent for other matters

Age is crucial in determining one’s independent actions, aside from marriage and sexual activity. Youth under 18 are considered minors in many countries and are not allowed to contract, franchise, consume alcohol, smoke, or engage in sexual activity. They are referred to as children or minors in accordance with the laws of their respective countries. Any agreement made with them is void if an adult is not present. 

Age of Consent in Dubai
Age of Consent in Dubai

What is the Age of Consent for Smoking in Dubai?

All tobacco products, including traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vaping, heating tobacco, and others, are permitted in Dubai. Only if you use it in a location that forbids smoking, like a smoking cabin outside. Furthermore, Tobacco products cannot be sold to anyone under 18 (minors).

Age of Consent in Dubai
Age of Consent in Dubai

For Your Information: Smoking is not permitted in places of worship, schools, athletic fields, or health care facilities. So, make sure you take the necessary precautions during your stay in Dubai to adhere to their rules and enjoy the holiday with no worries. Dubai’s smoking regulations forbid smoking in enclosed public areas, and tobacco product advertising is prohibited.

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