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Why are Dubai lamps illegal? Have you come across these words? It is said that Dubai’s lamp is the world’s most energy-efficient lightbulb. We know that Dubai is striving for new beginnings, which is one such step toward a greener city. With a special request from Dubai’s ruler, Philips launched this exclusively for Dubai in 2016. This transformation is believed to help to save Dubai’s energy saving by 90 percent. Moreover, the statics show that switching to this bulb will save up to AED 2000 on a year’s electricity bill.

why are dubai lamps illegal

What are the illegal lamps in Dubai?

Many middle eastern countries, including UAE, have joined the global bulb ban. So, this will be, in effect, working towards a greener environment. The Emirates Standardizations and metrology Authority (ESMA) is to ban all the inefficient bulbs covering lighting, energy specifications, efficiency ratings, and recycling and safe disposal requirements.

When this law came into practice, the vendors were given a six-month period to phase out inefficient light bulbs from the market. Moreover, CFL, LED, and halogen bulbs needed approval under the new rule. And the specifications of these products should be revised every three years. High-mercury CFL bulbs will also be evacuated from the market, and each bulb’s wattage and mercury content must be in concern and regulated.

What other rules does Dubai follow regarding energy?

ESMA has already enforced a law on electric plugs, whereas only three-pin plugs can be used. Also, efficiency standards for electric appliances like air conditioners, washing machines, and refrigerators have been set.


To conclude,

It is an excellent initiative towards a better future to save energy and move towards a greener world.

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