The rise of social media influencers has created a new breed of celebrities who have gained a large following on platforms like Instagram. These influencers, also known as Instagram models, have become a force to be reckoned with in the marketing industry, with brands seeking their help in promoting products and services. In recent years, Dubai has emerged as a popular destination for these models, with many flocking to the city to create content and network with other influencers. In this article, we will explore why Instagram models go to Dubai and the top reasons that have made the city an attractive destination for them.


why do instagram models go to dubaiHigh-Paying Modeling Gigs

Dubai is a fashion and beauty hub, attracting many high-end brands to set up shop in the city. These brands offer Instagram models an opportunity to showcase their talent while earning substantial sums of money from partnerships and collaborations.

With Dubai’s flourishing luxury fashion and beauty industry, there are several opportunities for Instagram models to get lucrative modeling gigs. For example, brands such as Chanel, Gucci, Dior, and Louis Vuitton have hosted fashion shows in the city, giving models a chance to walk the runway and work with renowned designers. Furthermore, Instagram models can collaborate with beauty brands such as Sephora, Huda Beauty, and Nars Cosmetics, promoting their products on social media.

The partnerships and collaborations can generate significant income for Instagram models. For instance, some models have reported earning over $10,000 for a single post promoting a brand. With the right connections and skills, the potential earnings from modeling gigs in Dubai can be substantial.

Moreover, many models have been hired to work as brand ambassadors for companies, meaning that they are paid to attend events, represent the brand, and produce content for their social media platforms.

Tax-Free Income

One of the most significant draws for Instagram models to Dubai is the city’s tax-free income policy. In Dubai, there is no personal income tax, which means that Instagram models can maximize their earnings from partnerships and collaborations.

This policy means that models can earn more money from their collaborations and partnerships in Dubai than they would in countries with higher tax rates. With the potential for high-paying gigs in the city, models can take advantage of the tax-free policy to maximize their earnings.

For instance, suppose an Instagram model earns $10,000 for a single post promoting a brand in Dubai. In that case, they would receive the full amount without any deductions compared to other countries where they would have to pay taxes. This means that models can keep more of their earnings, which can significantly benefit them financially.

Furthermore, Instagram models can leverage their time in Dubai to secure long-term partnerships with brands offering a steady income stream. This means that they can establish themselves as reputable brand ambassadors for various companies, earning a considerable income while promoting products and services.

Opportunities for Travel Content

Dubai is a city that boasts iconic landmarks and attractions, providing Instagram models with a plethora of opportunities for travel content. From the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, to the man-made Palm Jumeirah island, models can use plenty of unique and stunning locations to create high-quality travel content.

Instagram models can leverage their visit to Dubai by showcasing their experiences in the city, from exploring the architecture and culture to indulging in luxury shopping and dining experiences. With the potential for high engagement, travel content can help models gain more followers, increase their visibility, and attract brand partnerships.

For example, Instagram models can capture images and videos of the city’s iconic landmarks, such as the Dubai Mall, Dubai Fountain, and the Miracle Garden, showcasing the beauty of the city’s architecture and design. They can also create content showcasing Dubai’s many unique experiences, such as skydiving, desert safaris, and hot air balloon rides.

Moreover, Instagram models can take advantage of Dubai’s luxurious lifestyle by sharing content showcasing their shopping sprees, dining experiences, and hotel stays. By partnering with high-end brands, models can create sponsored content that showcases luxury products, services, and experiences, further attracting engagement from their followers.

Luxurious Lifestyle

Dubai is known for its luxurious lifestyle and high-end amenities, attracting people from all over the world to indulge in the city’s opulence. Instagram models can showcase their luxurious experiences while staying in the city, allowing their followers to live vicariously through their content.

Dubai offers a range of luxurious experiences, from five-star hotels to high-end shopping malls and exclusive dining experiences. Instagram models can showcase these experiences by capturing images and videos of themselves enjoying these luxuries.

For instance, models can feature their luxurious accommodations, such as the Burj Al Arab, the world’s most luxurious hotel, or the Atlantis, The Palm, which offers an underwater suite. By showcasing their hotel experiences, models can attract engagement from followers who aspire to experience the same luxurious lifestyle.

Instagram models can also feature their shopping experiences in Dubai, which offers some of the world’s most high-end malls, such as the Dubai Mall and the Mall of the Emirates. By showcasing their shopping hauls and experiences, models can create sponsored content for brands and engage with their followers on their luxurious lifestyles.

In addition, Dubai has some of the world’s most exclusive dining experiences, such as the famous underwater restaurant, Ossiano, at the Atlantis, The Palm. Models can feature their dining experiences and share their food adventures with their followers, creating high-engagement content that showcases the luxurious lifestyle.


Dubai is home to many fashion and beauty events, making it a hub for the industry in the Middle East. Instagram models can leverage these events to network with other influencers, designers, and photographers, creating opportunities for collaborations and partnerships.

Dubai hosts a variety of fashion events, including Dubai Fashion Week and Arab Fashion Week, which attract industry professionals from around the world. Instagram models can attend these events and network with designers, photographers, and other influencers, creating opportunities for collaborations and partnerships.

Models can also attend beauty events such as the Beautyworld Middle East exhibition, which showcases the latest beauty products, trends, and technologies. These events allow models to network with beauty professionals, such as makeup artists and hair stylists, who can help them improve their craft and expand their network.

Dubai also hosts influencer events, such as the Dubai Influencer Summit, which brings together influencers from various industries, creating opportunities for models to network with other influencers and brands. These events provide models with the opportunity to showcase their work, collaborate with others in their industry, and potentially attract new partnerships and collaborations.

So, Why do Instagram Models go to Dubai?

In summary, Dubai has become a popular destination for Instagram models for various reasons. Firstly, Dubai is a hub for high-end fashion and beauty brands, providing models with high-paying modeling gigs and lucrative brand collaborations. Secondly, Dubai’s tax-free income policy allows models to maximize their earnings from these partnerships and collaborations. Thirdly, Dubai offers plenty of opportunities for travel content, allowing models to create high-quality content that can boost their engagement and follower count. Fourthly, Dubai’s luxurious lifestyle offers models a chance to showcase their opulent experiences and attract engagement from their followers. Finally, Dubai’s fashion and beauty events provide models with networking opportunities that can lead to collaborations and partnerships.

In conclusion, Instagram models go to Dubai because the city offers numerous benefits that can help them grow their brand and expand their network. Dubai’s high-end fashion and beauty brands, tax-free income policy, opportunities for travel content, luxurious lifestyle, and fashion and beauty events all contribute to the city’s appeal to Instagram models.

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