Actually, can unmarried couples stay in hotels in Dubai? This was a massive question for us before traveling to Dubai. My fiancée and I had a considerable fever for shooting our wedding pre-shoot in Dubai. As there was a law called the “Tawajed Clause .”This Tawajed Clause says that men and women who are not family members cannot be alone together until they get married. After getting to know all these things, we got scared to Visit Dubai.

our story on Can unmarried couples stay in hotels in Dubai

After going through all these things, we decided to ask about this. My cousin lives in Dubai. He replied that if another guest joins, just let the hotel know when you check in. The truth is that there is always a chance (however remote) that they may have a problem with a single person, or even nationalities, or anything. They will receive no information from you. But they might capture you or think of your girlfriend. So be cautious. And as the best thing you can book another room for her in a nearby hotel.

So, we decided to fly alone and stay in two different places. But we went shopping together as family members. So this was our story. But just let me explain further about unmarried couples who can stay in hotels in Dubai.

Dubai is one of the cities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This city is highly developed, and the natives always respect Islam traditions and Muslim rituals. Muslims are highly restricted from having physical relationships before marriage. So the law in Dubai advises not to share hotel rooms even if you are a tourist. To support this tradition, some hotels are not providing facilities for sharing a room with unmarried couples. Also, in some cases, they ask for proof of the marriage couple. 

Dubai is very liberal compared to the other states in the United Arab Emirates. Although the tourism sector is also mighty, Islamic law is still upheld there. This indicates that hundreds of thousands of tourists—many single—arrive in Dubai each week. We don’t have any right to distract from their law. Though they consider us as their treasure, we must obey the law. 

And another important to remember is that though public displays of affection are not permitted, they see it as inappropriate. And any form of physical contact between unmarried couples in public places is considered unethical. But some Dubai hotels will probably not pay attention to the issue, but you should still use caution in what you say and do. But without being a distraction to them, we must obey the law. The people in Dubai are highly concerned about their Islamic tradition. 

Can unmarried couples stay in hotels in Dubai

So, before making travel arrangements, it is best to check with the hotel to learn about its policies regarding unmarried couples sharing a room. You should also review UAE laws or customs that may impact your stay.

 Before wrapping up, here is a quick review of “Can unmarried couples stay in hotels in Dubai .”Unmarried couples cannot cohabitate under Islamic law, and hotels are not permitted to call or assist them in making arrangements for a tour where they will be traveling alone with their partner. Due to the “Tawajed clause,” which prohibits people of different genders from being alone together unless they are married or related, this is the case.

Finally, accept the tradition. Don’t underestimate the power of customs and rituals.  I think you got a true answer for the question ” Can unmarried couples stay in hotels in Dubai”.

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