Dubai, UAE, is a prominent place as a global icon. The Dubai culture and traditions reflect the blend of Arabian, Islamic, and Persian cultures. We all know that Dubai is famous as a tourist destination. So, its culture and traditions to are prominent.

While in Dubai, you can see residents from every corner of the earth. The atmosphere will be with the sounds of the call for prayer (Adhan); during prayer time, Arabic chit-chats around you and smells of Arabic coffee and Shisha in cafes give you the Arabic culture vibes.

Before you visit any country, it is essential to know its customs, culture, and traditions to avoid complications.

Let us see a few important topics to be noted and to know before you plan your trip to Dubai. culture and traditions



In Emirati culture and traditions, religion is a prominent part of them. Everyone should be respectful of it. We know UAE as an Arab nation that follows Islamic rulings. So it is crucial to abide by their traditions while we visit places like mosques and other religious-related places. We should be mindful of our dress, respect their prayer times, and call for prayer. Your visit to this country will teach you more about its beautiful culture and traditions.


Greetings and treats are a fundamental part of their culture and traditions. They are very hospitable and friendly. They take a long while greeting you, wishing you peace. Be comfortable while you stay. You can see some shaking hands and hug to greet on certain occasions. Follow as they do if you are in such a situation. But one thing to remember, you cannot hug or shake hands with Emirati women. Unless they offer their hand first, you cannot do it.


This is to be considered an essential factor while you visit UAE. Wearing Emirati national dress is seen to be a disrespectful thing. Unless you are on a desert safari or any other place where you can try their outfit, also, women should be mindful of the clothes they wear. Your clothing must be in a non-provoking manner.

It is always better to wear clothes covering your shoulders and knees. It is the standard rule in many places in Dubai.

Family and Relationships

Maintaining family ties is a crucial thing in Arabian culture. We can see this being practiced transparently in UAE’s culture and traditions too. Everyone maintains a good relationship with their family members, including their grandparents, uncles, aunts, and everyone.


This isn’t a topic to be worried about. The Arabian culture and traditions offer a unique kind of music and dance. Every visitor enjoys it, and we loved it so much during our visit. These can be seen especially in the desert during your safari.

dubai culture and traditions

Public Behavior

You, as a visitor, should be aware of their culture and traditions in a public place. You will not see people along the streets having alcoholic drinks and misbehaving. Such acts may be a punishable offense. It isn’t appreciable to be romantic in public areas.


Emirati food is a must-try when you are there. It reflects a big part of their culture and traditions. The flavors are far apart from what we usually taste. They avoid alcoholic drinks most of the time, and it is better if you also could practice it while you are out with Emirati friends. Moreover, eating pork-related products is against their religion, and be mindful of that.

Eating in public places and chewing gum during the Ramadhan period is against the country’s law.


Unlike in western culture, you need to be cautious when you are out in places where women are around. It is incredibly offensive to take pictures of Emirati women. It is always better to maintain a distance from them.

Body Language

Do you wonder what could be offensive in your body language? It may not. But you need to be concerned when you are in UAE. Certain things differ totally from what we practice in the western world. For instance, when someone enters a room where we are standing, we try to offer them help. But here, you need to wait politely than offer a helping hand. Also, sitting with whole feet facing someone is considered extremely rude. Moreover, expressing affection in public is offensive.


Ramadhan is the most crucial thing in the Islamic religion. It is connected thickly with their culture and traditions. Muslims of UAE and around the world fast for a whole month according to their lunar calendar. They start fast before sunrise and till sunset. So during that period, visitors to are not allowed to eat and drink in public places.

The entertainment will be considerably less during this period than on regular days. Also, certain places’ opening and closing hours change during this season.

Emirati Home

If you ever get a chance to visit an Emirati home, better you know these simple rituals they practice as a part of their culture and traditions. You need to remove your footwear before you enter their homes. On arrival and departure, shaking hands with the host is appreciated. They serve you Arabic coffee and dates. Accepting them is considered a positive thing.

Arabian Art

Traditional Arabian art is based on Arabic calligraphy. You can also see Islamic geometric patterns as a part of their traditional art.

What is the Traditional Sport?

The traditional sports considered to be involved with their culture and traditions are falconry, equestrian sports, and camel race.

culture and traditions


While we travel to different parts of the world, we get to experience different cultures and traditions. This is a fantastic thing to feel, and as a traveler, it is fascinating. The culture and traditions are never the same in every part of the world. Experiencing Dubai’s culture is exotic, and you will love it.

Dubai is a great travel destination with many amazing sights to witness. Many of them possess a world record within them. Here are some fantastic places to visit in Dubai.


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