Burj Khalifah is a skyscraper that is located in Dubai, UAE. This iconic building has been the world’s tallest building since 2009. It was previously known as Burj Dubai before it completed its works. This has grabbed everyone’s attention and interest towards it since the day of opening. Many dreams of visiting this place which is far from possible for many. Traveling above Dubai in the sky on an evening would give you a glimpse of Burj Khalifa’s antenna spire waving above the clouds. It is a fantastic sight to witness and keeps you awestruck.


General Information

  • It proceeded to Taipei 101, Taiwan, which held the world record previously.
  • This building uses the architectural style of Neo-futurism.
  • It cost over 1.5 billion US$ to complete this marvel.
  • Architecturally Burj Khalifah is 828m in height. But to the tip, it makes 829.8m.
  • The antenna goes for about 223m.
  • The top floor is at the 605m level of the building.
  • The observatory unit is at a height of 555.7m.
  • It has more than 160 stories.
  • There are 57 lifts and eight escalators in this beautiful building.

The idea of bringing up this global icon for Dubai was to get international attraction and recognition towards the city apart from its oil-based economy.

During the building process, the original company owned it had to face financial blockages. Then the Sheikh Khalifah, the ruler during the period, helped them financially to overcome the situation. Hence, the name changed to Burj Khalifah from Burj Dubai.

Burj Khalifa

What Other Records Burj Khalifah Holds?

Apart from being the world’s tallest building at 828 meters, this building holds the following records too.

  • Tallest freestanding structure in the world.
  • The highest number of floors in a building in the world.
  • Highest occupied floors in the world.
  • The highest outdoor observation deck/terrace in the world.
  • Elevator/Lift with the longest travel distance in the world.
  • Tallest service elevator in the world.
  • Tallest skyscraper.
  • Highest vertical concrete pumping.
  • The tallest structure includes residential space.
  • World’s highest restaurant.


The tower is built of three elements placed around a central core. It features a triple-lobed footprint and thought process from the Hymenocallis flower (spider-lily, a wild desert flower). A Y-shaped triple-part floor geometry is used here. On one side, it holds residencies; on the other, it holds hotels.

Armani Hotels, Dubai holds it from the ground level to the eighth level and then levels 38 and 39.

Levels 9 to 16 hold luxurious one- and two-bedroom houses from Armani residencies.

 Through floors 45 to 108, it holds private ultra-luxury residencies. Level 122 holds an atmosphere level and level 124 has the public observatory placed on top of the tower.

There are Jacuzzis and swimming pools on some levels. Swimming pools are accessible for both residents and outsiders. But there are some exclusive options available for residents.

Residents can also benefit from the library, gourmet, convenience store, and meeting place.

They have beautifully designed the interior of the building, being mindful of it as a global icon. The interior of Burj Khalifah features silver travertine flooring, Venetian stucco walls, stone flooring, and hand-made rugs with glass, stainless steel, and polished dark stones.

You can see more than 1000s of artwork being featured within the building. They are from prominent artists from the middle east and the surrounding.

The arts reflect global harmony, linking cultures, and communities.

It isn’t easy to plan and execute a building of this height and bring it as a world icon. There were lots of plans involved with technological innovations and innovative structures. Together with everything, it has popped out a super marvel structure.

Every element like the foundation, podium, exterior, structure, spire, floors, electrical & plumbing, fire safety, and elevator & lifts are made with minute attention and designed in a fantastic way to make it unique.

Burj Khalifa

Observation Decks

Burj Khalifa Sky

Located at levels 148, 125 and 124

Enjoy yourself floating among the clouds, treating your eyes from the world’s top view, and relaxing on a terrace of 555 meters.

At the Top, Burj Khalifa

Located at levels 125 and 124

Level 124

Enjoy and be thrilled with the world’s fastest double-decked elevators traveling at 10m/s.

Look at the world with a high-powered telescope.

Level 125

Being at 456m in height, you have a spacious deck decorated for a stunning 360-degree view.

Capture your enjoyable moments with green screen photography.

Step on a glass floor and float in the air. It will give you a creaky, cracking feeling.

The Lounge, Burj Khalifah

Located at levels 154, 153 and 152

Experience the world’s highest lounge at 585m above the ground and amidst the clouds. You can enjoy the finest teas and coffees or a beverage.

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Club


This club offers you new fitness concepts and a gym.

Body pumps, power yoga, and circuit programs are available at a reasonable rate. At the gym, you can be assisted by professional supervision and enjoy your workouts with beautiful views.

There is a whole level for ladies to maintain privacy with a gym and spa.


Experience a new spa level with Hydropeptide products for your treatments and facials. You can enjoy the luxurious facility with a relaxing view of Downtown Dubai.

Spa guests at the Burj Club can enjoy using the steam room, sauna, and thermal showers.


Saturday Brunch. Pool and BBQ

Saturdays are always special at the iconic tower. With spectacular views, enjoy your brunch with great BBQ stations.

With a pool pass, relax at the pool, viewing the best views and having a more extraordinary view of Dubai Fountain.

Event Venue

Located at level 112

A unique event venue for your special occasion at the Burj Khalifa with a sweeping view of modern Dubai.


Have you heard of this school at the top? It is located at level 125 at 456 meters in height. That’s incredible, with a great view. Learn about Burj Khalifa and other exciting topics in connection to Dubai.

Lighting at Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifah has a fantastic 3D lighting system that is lit during special occasions. That attracts everyone, and it is a sight to witness.

Visit Dubai and enjoy yourself at Burj Khalifa for a memory of a lifetime.

Burj Khalifah

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